Tuesday, 17 December 2013

2013 Refleiction

Hi this is my 2013 Reflection

I love to share my work on my blog like DLO’s, stories and Animations.I think using a netbook is way better than boring paper and pencil.My favourite subject is writing and reading.

The thing I like about maths is ...... well.... all of it! My math’s Teacher is Mr Marks. Right now were learning about Measurement. My favourite subject in math’s is Addition I like Addition more because it’s fun and easy.The one I think I need to work on more is my times tables.This year Mr marks has taught me loads one of them is how to measure triangles and squares with the length and width and even the height.

Reading  and writing is so much fun in fact it’s my favourite subject in school I like them because It’s easy and because you can talk about you’ve done like in the weekend,the holidays and even at home. 

please leave same feedback

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Ambassador application

Hi my name is Ariana and I would like to apply to be an Ambassador in 2014. I think I would be a good Ambassador because I love to share my work on my blog like DLO’s, stories and Animations.I can also be confident in front of a crowd and speak clearly when I’ve been in acting and presenting roles.

I love school and everyone in it. My favourite subject is writing and reading here is a link to one of my story’s I have published on my blog Link

Now for maths, I love it! But it’s really hard. I keep giving it my all. The thing I like about maths is ...... well.... all of it! My math’s Teacher is Mr Marks. Right now were learning about Measurement but here is somthing I published earlier in the year Link

The fish of Maui is a DLO I have published. It tells us how New Zealand was made The north island is a fish the head of the fish is facing the south island, the south island is Maui’s Waka and Stewart island is his anchor. Sorry for spoiling the movie here is the link anyway Link

Can’t wait to hear from you :-)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Te IKA a Maui (The fish of Maui)By Paige and me


HOPE YOU ENJOY:} :) :D B-) :-$ :D<3

Friday, 15 November 2013

Year 6 camp

The year six kids are going to Camp benson for their year six camp thier gonna have so much fun.Thier going abesaling,kayiaking,swimming and their going to play vollyball and soccer on Kawaw island.Theirs lot's of little birds and cool flowers on the island so becareful were you step and put your food.The teachers keep telling us that the food is so good I hope their not liening caued next year I wanna go.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A girl live’s on a farm with,her dad brought Fifteen hundred sheep over for the october. They have great dogs they can control a mob of sheep just by staring at them,as well as horses they help the dogs. They put the sheep into the shed overnight for them to get their wool cleaned for the morning. waking up I just remembered  that we had to do the sheep. Now it’s time to go to the shed and help do rousie. She helped to put the wool on the table to sort out the clean and dirty wool. The air get’s hot and stuffy and it get’s a bit smelly thiers oil dripping and your clothes start to itch. Then it’s done it’s all quite now their just the sound of baaing of the sheep in the paddock.Away goes the wool it feels good to see all our hard work made into a neat ball of wool.

There was a Wisper but no one was there???

We had to write our Writing test It had to be about a wispier but no one was there. I wanted mine to be like a movie.This was hard I tried to give lot's of detail but with less paragraphs.

In 1956 there was a strange sound going around into people's homes killing everything they loved and cherished.

Ella I’m at your door now cried out a mysterious voice who is it watch out I know karate. There was a mysterious voice lurking around her farm calling out watch your back and look after your cow’s. Until One day as the cookie shaped moon rose from out behind the tree tops.

Ella heard a sound a weird sound that reminded her of when she was a baby It went a bit like. there's a sound that no one’s heard there's a sound of chirping bird but if you listen you can hear that sound of a lovely moose. tears rolled down her face her parent’s have past away in a car crash her mother used to sing that to her when she was little girl.

The sun rose and the birds started singing their morning songs. Ella woke up bright and early at five o'clock She went outside to feed the cow’s. When she found that her cow’s have died her bucket fell to the ground and bucket’s full of water came bursting out of her eye’s. She dialled 911. They raced over here to figure out what happened.

They took year’s to find out what has happened by the time they figured out what happened Ella has past away. Ella was only ten when her cow’s died her parent’s took care of her well she had to look after the farm all by herself.They figured out that the mysterious voice was Mr Wickom he murder a lot of people and animals the police throw him in Jail for life he has never been seen again.       

Friday, 1 November 2013

Show not Tell (Halloween)

W.A.L.T: Show not tell when writing paragraphs.

We had to write less paragraphs but with heaps of detail in them,our teacher Mr Somerville told us that the best story's doesn't need lot's of paragraphs.

As the creature’s rise from their graves people hand out sweet delicious goodie’s to satisfied their taste bud's. I created vampire's,Ghost and little flying fairy's to scatter along my House and to find more creature's. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's the sound of little lollies taker's running to our house for more sweets. As soon as we saw those little thief's we screamed cause they where so adorable. They had face paint on and amazing costume's my mum was so socked that there were still people out their that made effort. One monster in particular screamed out were kid's and put his bag right in front of the lollies he tried to sneak lollies but their mother slapped his hand away. When they skip away that monster again said thanks mummy and we all started laughing that day was cool even though we didn't go trickier treating we still had fun even my sister Brooklyn.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Roller coaster

Today we had to write a story of this picture we had to make a naritive this is my rubric I've got 12\15and my partener got 10\15

As the sun dropped behind the roller coasters William begged and begged his mum too go on the THE MONSTER 2000 cause the girl of his dream’s was in the line of.Her name is Katty she has long hair like an angel sparkly blue eye’s and a lovely smile.She smiled at me I get hot and cold I don’t know what to do so I just waved .Finally mum let me go on the ride but Simon,My little brother tries to stop me but I tell him I’ll be alright I race over to Katty she say’s have I been on this ride before I don’t know what to say again I get hot and cold Ummmmm yeah I have plenty of time’s.She tell’s me all about the ride she said it goes up and under and around and around and around.

I was about to forfet and hope out of line but I took a look at Katty once more and thought I should stay It’s worth it.It was our turn to go on the ride and as I took a set the man told me I’m too short He said I have too be over the monsters hand. The hand was about four metres tall I was only three and and a half every one laughed at me even the homeless guy that live’s in our shed.

I was so embarrassed I ran behind the toilet’s and tears were falling down my face just like me I go down and never came up.I finally came out behind the toilets and brought me a packet full of sugar Well that’s what my dad calls them. He hate’s the word lollie’s he think’s their bad for your teeth they are but their yum.

The man gave me the lollie’s he told me that they're the newest one’s out and if you make a wish while blowing it your wish really does came true.I took the packet home with me and wished that I could be taller I went to sleep and had all this bad dream’s on  me growing taller and one was the best dream ever It was of me and Katty on THE MONSTER 200 we were having so much fun and next to me was this weird girl Brooklyn she kept on picking her nose and couldn’t stop clapping.

The next day I woke up and I was massive I was so tall I thought I was in a dollhouse but after an hour it wore off  so now I know not to mess with magic powder.Or should I ?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Best friends forever

My friend's are cool,amazing,funny,crazy and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious their names are Brooklyn,Lucy,Khaia,Marilyn,Paige and Ava.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Practise test

Today we had a writing test practise and we had to write about the picter that we choose  and it had to be about a farm this was the picter I choose
Blue =my results total 13/15Yellow =my friend's resault's13/15

“Go outside no one like’s you” say’s Tommy’s older brother Bobby. “You're a big meanie” cried out Tommy as he started to cry.They just had a fight over the last lollie pop in the lolly jar cause where they came from all  they eat is corn,beef and chicken.

Tommy was still sad he went outside down the road to the cornfield he started pulling out the weed’s then he saw and unusual bottle.The bottle had same gooey slime in it. .So he pulled it all around the cornfield.He went home after playing with the bottle he forgot all about the lollipop He was so tired of running all around the cornfield pouring that gooey slime on the corn.When he got home he jumped into bed and overnight that gooey slime that he poured all around the cornfield turned it into a monster a monster called corn prime.

That next morning He went down with his mum and dad to the supermarket in town to buy same more Chicken.When they got into town there in front of them was a building with corn all over it and next to that building was The cornanater. They hoped out of the car to see how big it was and it was about thirty feet tall and sixteen meter wide.

Tommy’s dad was a sintec so he quickly jumped back in the car and drove all the way back to his house run to his lab(Shed).Yelling at Tomming he grabs his lab coat and starts to make his poshin. All you could see was smoke everywhere then there was pink here and blue their.It looked like a disco but with lot’s and lot’s of smoke Finally he was finished and they hoped in the drove down the but their was a crash so they had to wait 10 minet’s.By the time they got their the place was like a farm but they    

Monday, 21 October 2013

Farming fish retold by Ariana

Richard live’s in a village togori on an island named makira in the solomon island Fish is very important to them
they don’t buy a lot of their food they catch it.His uncle isharah the(chief or bigman) want’s to help people in his village to get fish even when it’s bad weather.

He drew up a plan then the work began every one in the village came to help with the digging.The work really paid off and they moved a lot of dirt.The pool took about half a year they worked in the morning and in the evening but not in the afternoon because it’s too hot.When the pool was finished they had to join up to the river pipes then they took ten days to full.Uncle ishara released some mud fish in the pool we hoped they will survive and they did.

After three years the fish were ready to catch and eat.I like fishing so often I go and help my Uncle with the fish farm.One of my favorite job’s is feeding the fish with larvae of white ants , which live on the side if dead tree’s all around our village.They go crazy over it! But my best of all is catching the fish.I use traditional bamboo rod.I prepared the line with bait,cast it out,and before I know it,there’s a fish on the end of my line.I’m glad that I’ve helped Uncle Isaiah’s plan to succeed so well.These days,even when weather is too bad to go fishing out at sea,people in our village can still have fish for dinner.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


WOW!!! that was wicked with all their singing and dance move’s especially the acting.Have you heard of that musical WICKED cause I’ve seen It’s really good if you wanna see it you can just press play on the movie below.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Farm pairs

Today we had to match the title to a pitcure and it had to make sence it was all about farm animals so here's a pitcuer of what we did.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ariana little three pigs and little red

Ariana little three pigs and little red from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi I made a movie of little red riding hood but with a twist I put the famous three little pigs in it

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Three litlle foxes

Far far away in a little cottage lived three little foxes their names were Ronald,Leah and Alpine they are very in the most quickest way sneaky, cheeky and are always getting in trouble.Their mother was so sad one day because her baby’s were leaving to find their own house’s so there mother gave them all some money to find some stuff for their house.So they set off to find some equipment and food they stop at meter ten Mega and got some wood,stone and sand for their house’s.They went to paken’save for their food they got some chips,chocolate,fizzy drinks and cakes.Then they found a perfect spot and started to build their houses.

With buckets full sweet they put the last finishing touches on their houses then they got out chairs and a umbrella sat back and relaxed while they sang a song that goes a bit like this.We love our houses it is the best we love our food it is so yummy.The moon awoke so they made dinner they had their favourite meal Human and went to bed. They snored and snored they even woke up the whole neighbourhood.

The sun rose above the tree top and the birds were singing as the big bad Man of fire went over to the sand house(Alpines) and Asked if this was one of the little foxes and Alpine replied with a roar and sad yes who are you. The Man of fire answered with a flame of fire and said let me in let me in. Alpine shouted not by the hair of my pale tail.

The Man of fire said or I will burn and shutter your house into pieces so he did.The rest of the wolves saw and were frightened they were shocked and died straight away.There mother was so so sad they had a funeral and had a big feast and ever since then everyone forgot about the three little foxes.And they all lived Happily ever after.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The hare and tortise review

Title:The Hare and the tortoise

Author: Aesop

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):The Tortoise is really slow and calm and the hare is really speedy and fast and likes to win and run races

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail):In the forest by a farm

What was the problem? the hare thought he was the fastest and he thought the tortoise was the slowest thing alive

What was the solution? they had a race to see who's the fastest

What was the Moral of the Story?calm and steady wins the race

My favourite part of the story was? when the tortoise won

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Holiday

I woke up ready to start the holidays, I was going to my nana’s house she lives all the way in pukekohe bombay. She picked us up and  took me and my sister to see the slava snow show in vector arena. It was all about a clown and going through his life there were some green clowns as well it was all rasine I didn’t really get it but I liked the music. The ending was the best they chucked bins of snow at everyone and blew big balls at everyone the smallest were the size of four heads and the biggest was the size of a room and they through cobwebs all over us and when that was finished.

We went to my dads flat in Mt Eden to have lunch. They were having samosas so we joined them and had some. After that we went to my nana’s in pukekohe when we got there we did a puzzle that was there from last time we were there which was last school holidays. It has 1,000 pieces. We started the outside edges then the faces. It was a celebrate puzzle.

We didn’t finish it we kept coming back to it. Then we had dinner we had something I've forgotten what it is so we had something and had a shower brushed our teeth, watched Pirates of the caribbean and went to be bed.We woke up the next morning tried  so I got up out of bed washed my face and I was all better again. I went into the kitchen and saw my nana making breakfast, shes an early bird like my mum I got out the silverware  and had breakfast we had weetbix.

After that me and my sister took off our shoes like slippers and took off our warm,comfortable and relaxing onesies and were left to cold t-shirts and jeans Brrrrrr I said to my sister Brooklyn are you cold she said yes Its the country were in a wide and big house what did you think?

I didn’t really think about that. Isn’t it a beautiful day the birds are singing the sun is shining said my nana it’s always sunny at her place I wish I could live there their stuff look so nice. Anyway you don’t wanna listen to my dream house so when that all happened we painted a picture I painted a princess with her pony and castle. 

My sister did an old ancient painting with two ladies and it was soo pretty. We did that for the day as well as the puzzle.Unfortunately we didn’t finish the puzzle yet but we're still working on it.   

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My way of the Hare and the Tortise

Hello I am Slow Joe I have a shell on my back, four short legs, my head looks like Brussels sprouts, and people say I look like a rock. I’m actually a tortoise we tortoise love! to hibernate and love! to chew on grass. Races are the worst thing that I’m good at because I’m really really slow that's why they call me slow Joe.

Do you know the Hare in next door he says I’m the slowest thing on earth. He calls himself Speedy Bob he has long long legs and he can really go. Everybody thinks that every race he enters he comes in first place and gets gold well that's what he says. What they don’t know is on the 11th of April 2004 he only won a silver and do you know who came first? Well, it was me Slow Joe.

One day I was just nodding my cabbage like head watching that hare jumping around.When Speedy Bob bounced up to me and said come on you lazy old thing is that all the exercise you take. Just nodding on all day? I’m surprised you don’t nod off to sleep said the hare surprisingly.Slow Joe didn’t answer he was too busy munching away very very slowly.

Out of the blues jumped out a big bear named Grizzly stuffing his face with fish his favourite he said don’t you know tortoises hibernates.Hiber what said Speedy Bob Hibernates repeated the bear when they sleep for the whole winter.Sleeps for the whole winter! You can barely tell he's alive said Speedy Bob.But Grizzly a big know it all said Joe can live over 100 years.

100 years but I've got to run jump and win races.If you've got speed then you really know your alive said Speedy Bob.Grizzly said fine that's that a race not a quick dash of cores he’s hardly a sprinter to the top of the mountain and back.So they got ready there friends lined up and started to cheer.On your make get set and go shouted Grizzly every one shouted go Speedy go.

Speedy was half way through the race he saw Joe was still at the start line so he lied under a tree and took a nap.1.00 later the tortoise was already near the finish line so Speedy got up ran as fast as he could.It all ended too soon Slow Joe had already past the finish line. Everybody froze with shock Speedy was so disappointed he never ran since.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Coin Toss

This is a chart of my coin toss that I did with my friends Enyahlee,khaia and me as you can see Im the red and Khaia is the blue and I lost .

What you eat and drink in Antarctica.

If your wondering were I am I was filming.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sentenc mashup

WALT- Re-arrange the words in a sentence

1. She is in great form because every week she  goes to the gym
2. Every week she  goes to the gym and she is in great form.

1.I will miss him when he moves to Chicago.
2. When he moves to Chicago I will miss him.

1 Ring me if you have a problem .
2 If you have a problem Ring me.

1 He was reading the paper while she was working in the garden.
2 While she was working in the garden he was reading the paper.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Antartica movie

Ariana Antarctica moive from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Here's is a movie of my Antarctica animation I have been learning about the different types of animals in Antarctica and what they eat I hope you enjoy. 

Food and Drinks in Antarctica

Brooklyn And Ariana Food And Drinks Antarctica from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

We have learnt about the food and drinks in Antarctica that you have to have and we made a little movie to show what you have we hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trip to Kelly Tarlton

For our learning we went to Kelly Tarlton you're probably wondering how Kelly Tarlton can help our learning .Well we are learning about Antarctica and all the animals that live in and around Antarctica Also their clothing.Kelly Tarlton is All about Antarctica and its Animals like penguin, seals, stingrays and what they wear.

It is an Aquarium full of fish and Antarctica animals.My favourite part of the trip was the penguins they only had two types of penguins. One of them were a king penguin and the other is a gentoo I want to be a gentoo because they are the cutest I think.The king penguins keeped on stretching their long yellow orange necks and the gentoo were just tabogaling on their bellies.

We walked over to see the fish and seahorses when I turned around I saw little clown fish they had so many they looked a bit like Nemo off finding Nemo.I also saw some other fish that look a bit like Nemos friend and some seahorses Did you know that the male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant?

We took our net books with us and we were in pairs or groups and we took one bag between us and it was my bag while I was walking around and suddenly my shoulder started to hurt.So I asked my partner Lucy if she could hold it for a little while but she said no thank you.I asked my friend Marilyn if she wanted to and she said yes.

When we got to the bus I took it back and it was a bit awkward sitting down because my partner Lucy. Was next to me and we hardly talked we only said about 35 words and that not normally for us I kept on thinking of things to say I kept on making her laugh.When we got back to school everything seemed to be normally again.    

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WALT adding detail to the end of sentences

WALT adding detail to the end of sentences

Children had to stay inside at lunchtime on Friday because of heavy rain,thunder and lighting.

Akiko works in a sushi
bar where she sells 
sushi to customers all around the world.

My hungry tummy is rumbling! after our two laps around the school.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

W.A.L.T Adding detail to the middle of sentences.

W.A.L.T Adding detail to the middle of sentences.

Baleen whales are toothless whales that eat    plankton,there are two types of plankton  and one of them is called a zooplankton which is a animal one and the other one is called a phytoplankton that is the plant one ,they also eat little animals like krill.

Learning my times tables like my 1s, 2s, and 3s help me so I can be super smart,times tables a also very important.

Playtime is so fun because that’s the time we don’t have to learn and we get to play and it is a bit late because most schools have theirs at ten thirty our time is at 11 am.

All the year 5 and 6 children at Pt England school  have their very own learning tool which is called netbooks.

Children from Pt england school had to stay inside their classrooms because of the heavy rain at lunchtime on Friday.

Monday, 24 June 2013

WALT-adding to the begging of sentence

WALT -adding to the begging of sentence

Did you know that I have a best friend named Akiki that works in a sushi bar?

After a really long Swimming lesson at the pools, my hungry tummy was rumbling.  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red and Yellow chart

Today we have been trying to  find out how many red and yellow counters were in a bag we knew there were five counters in the bag but we didn't how many of each colour there were.So we recorded and made a pie chart to show you how many of each colour there was there was three yellow and two red's.     

Antarctica Food Chain

Enyahlee, Ariana, Brooklyn And Anisha from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is a  picture of how a food chain works in Antarctica 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Aeroplanes New Zealand/ Hercules

This is about what's in a Hercules plane if you were going to Antarctica in one and what would be in a Air New Zealand plane  if you were travelling some were in one.

Seals adding to the end

WALT-add to the end of the sentences

Antarctica seals have a thick layer of blubber under their skin,to keep them warm in the freezing snowy Antarctica.

During winter the sun does not rise in Antarctica,so its dark even in the Afternoon.

Leopard seals prey on Antarctica penguins,because their hungry for food.