Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My way of the Hare and the Tortise

Hello I am Slow Joe I have a shell on my back, four short legs, my head looks like Brussels sprouts, and people say I look like a rock. I’m actually a tortoise we tortoise love! to hibernate and love! to chew on grass. Races are the worst thing that I’m good at because I’m really really slow that's why they call me slow Joe.

Do you know the Hare in next door he says I’m the slowest thing on earth. He calls himself Speedy Bob he has long long legs and he can really go. Everybody thinks that every race he enters he comes in first place and gets gold well that's what he says. What they don’t know is on the 11th of April 2004 he only won a silver and do you know who came first? Well, it was me Slow Joe.

One day I was just nodding my cabbage like head watching that hare jumping around.When Speedy Bob bounced up to me and said come on you lazy old thing is that all the exercise you take. Just nodding on all day? I’m surprised you don’t nod off to sleep said the hare surprisingly.Slow Joe didn’t answer he was too busy munching away very very slowly.

Out of the blues jumped out a big bear named Grizzly stuffing his face with fish his favourite he said don’t you know tortoises hibernates.Hiber what said Speedy Bob Hibernates repeated the bear when they sleep for the whole winter.Sleeps for the whole winter! You can barely tell he's alive said Speedy Bob.But Grizzly a big know it all said Joe can live over 100 years.

100 years but I've got to run jump and win races.If you've got speed then you really know your alive said Speedy Bob.Grizzly said fine that's that a race not a quick dash of cores he’s hardly a sprinter to the top of the mountain and back.So they got ready there friends lined up and started to cheer.On your make get set and go shouted Grizzly every one shouted go Speedy go.

Speedy was half way through the race he saw Joe was still at the start line so he lied under a tree and took a nap.1.00 later the tortoise was already near the finish line so Speedy got up ran as fast as he could.It all ended too soon Slow Joe had already past the finish line. Everybody froze with shock Speedy was so disappointed he never ran since.


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  1. Hi Ariana

    I really like your story it has a lot of detail

    and is really funny.

    From Brooklyn room 18