Thursday, 15 May 2014

NZ menus and Malawi menus

 The extension group and I were learning about the diffrent foods that we have in New Zealand and in Malawi These are my dinner menus and lunch menus.  To see how Malawi people have to starve we wanted to have a 40 hour famine were we have to stop eating for 20 hours the only thing we could eat was just juice and barley sugar.

I have concluded that more people  in NZ have more variety in food then people in Malawi. Malawi people aren't eating enough meat and protein and if they don't have enough protein and food they could die. NZ menus have more drinks and most of the drinks are Fizzy. Malawian people have to grow or hunt for there food on the other hand most NZ people can by theirs from the shops. 





  1. Hi Ariana I like your Menus but what does the chicken and lamb come with? But anyways it was a great blog post keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Ariana,

    I like your pitchures they look really good but otherwise your writing was great and I like your information and hard work that you have put in this so keep up the good work.

    from Adriel

  3. Hi Ariana,
    Stevenson here, I like your menu's because you explain why the Malawians are unlucky.
    Be sure to check out my blog.