Monday, 25 August 2014

Pt England uniform upgrade news article

                                         Uniform Upgrade

Pt England School

The year seven and eights are wearing different school uniform to the juniors so they can distinguish them from all the juniors.

Some years ago some of the year sevens and eight got to pick what they wanted the jackets to look like. Mrs Flavell the minister of the uniform says that 98% of the intermediate children have a school jacket. They have also done a poll amongst them. They knew the colours they had to stick with wore black and red.    

Why do the year seven and eight get to wear different school uniform? We have asked one of the schools staff about what they think about this change. She has told us that it is “to distinguish the senior children from everybody else.”

A black zip that runs down the middle, with a red Pt England logo embossed on the top side and you can not forget the long black sleeves that make it a jacket.That is what the $55.0 jacket looks like. For the girls there is culottes. There's also a black bucket hat for both genders.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write my own article.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Commonwealth to Birthday party

The extension group and I were learning about how to host the commonwealth games when Mrs tele 'a unexpectedly called us down to to the mat and said we had to plan a 5th year old kids birthday party. I personally thought that this was going to be fun. Some of us thought that she was a bit crazy. This was all about hosting from  the commonwealth games to a birthday party.

This is me and my team with for plan for the birthday party

Nz authors

Here below is some facts and information I have collected about two authors named Katherine mayo and Paula green.

Katherine mayo

1. Was once an American researcher
2. Her best known work was called Mother india in 1927
3. She has written over 10 books
4. Her first book was Justice to all
5. Writes historical fiction

Paula green

1. She is a poet
2. Was awarded the university of Auckland literacy fellowship in 2005
3. In 2008 she has began a series of children's book called “the strange days”
4. Paula green has written five collections of poetry
5. Her first collection was cook house in 1997

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The president vocabulary

This is a screen shot about the definition of some words you will see that on the left there is a column that tells you what this things are. I have also done some definition of some of these words.

The President

The President


1) Is this a true story? How do you know?
This is a true because it says in the story “ This true story was told to Author Alan Bagnall.

2) Why are the children in the story allowed to go to school?
  Because their father has an important job in the government

3) Who is helping the family escape?
   Dad’s friend

4) Why can’t they trust anyone to help them?
    because if they told someone they can turn them in and they will get punishst

5) What is one reason that the family likes living in New Zealand?
     There is no fear of the president, no war here no fear.

6) How long did the family spend in the Refugee camp?
   two years

7) What language is the mother learning?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Diamentie poem War

Here below is a presentation of the war I have put it in a diamante poem. Do you know what a diamond poem is? Well why don't you see my one I made about the war to find out.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Kenya Quiz

Here I have published a presentation that I have made to show you some things I know about Kenya. I have made some questions and on the last slide there is the link to the Answers. Enjoy!!! 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Let the games begain

Netball is a game where you have eight or nine players and the aim is to get the ball from the center down through the goal and to get more points than the other team. Do you know how netball was invented? It all started in 1891 by a man named James Naismith he invented mens basketball in 1890 and was asked if he could invent a womans form.