Friday, 27 February 2015

Holidays Highs and lows

Here is a photo of my highs and lows of my Holidays. The green represents the highs nd the Purple represents the lows.


Cook islands
The church that we go to
One of my highs of the holidays was when we went to the Cook Islands. We stayed for 2 weeks. For the first two or three days we stayed in rarotonga (Tutakimoa). Then we went on another plane to an little island called Mitiaro. Mitiaro is the fourth island in the cook islands. It use to be called Nukuroa. Here is where most of my cook island family live. It was cool there, we went swimming in the cave pools a lot. We mostly swam in Vae Nuari. We stayed their for Christmas to. Then we went back to rarotonga for new years where me and my family had a lunch. We catched up with all our other cousins and Aunties and Uncle. Then we came back home to new Zealand.   

Going up to whangarei was one of my holiday highlights. I have family up there so thats why we stayed with them for a little while. They stay in parua bay there's my three cousins Roimata,Te kirihi and Sonia and my Auntie and uncle. My cousin Te kirihi had just started working so we didn't see much of her. Sonia is the eldest child then comes Te Kirihi and the youngest Roimata. Roimata is nearly the same age except she is born four months earlier. We went swimming a lot because it was always boiling hot up their. We also played with their new dog Rex and their cat Monty. When it was time to come back down to Auckland we brought our cousin Roimata with us.

Seeing the family

When we came back down to Auckland we brought our cousin Roimata along with us. she stayed for a week and a half then went back up to Whangarei.  While she was down my other cousin Sophia came over to stay is well. We went swimming more at our local beach Pt England reserve and shopping at Sylvia park mall. One day we played and looked around mission bay. We made lots of video stars on my Ipod too .During the holidays and my cousins down it was my sisters Birthday she invited some of her friends over for a sleepover and to go swimming at the panmure pools. So we all went to the pools for a swim and we also played lots of games. When my sisters friends went home not long after did our cousins leave and Sophia and her dad took Roimata up to Whangarei.


It was sad when we left the islands because I miss my family and friends. It is also sad how I miss seeing my family from whangeria and Auckland.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Explores of the Sunrise

Here is a Presentation to show you som key things when sailing to sea.

Diary entry

Day One

While I wave my family goodbye tears trickle down my face I was heading off to repeat a historic journey. I was one of the crew members aboard the Te Aurere we were sailing to Rapanui ( Easter island). Today is day one of our journey and we have already encountered a few bad waves.  We are using traditional navigation methods like the stars and the sea swells and even simple things like what directions the birds flew.

We have already predicted that we will be on sea for a while and won't reach land for a few weeks or months. So we have packed and gathered as much food and resources as we can for the journey. When it got stormy and rainy we wore modern wet weather gear to stay warm and dry. When It got stormy it was hard to navigate especially at night because the clouds would block the stars and we needed the stars to travel.  The stars is one of the navigation methods that we use to travel because the stars stay in one spot and the northern and southern hemisphere join in with the stars. The stars were our GPS and our maps.  The navigator had hardly any sleep because he had to wake up early and stay up late to help guide the waka in the right directions

Day thirty

Thirty days now I have been on this waka and me and some of the other voyages are feeling sea sick with all of these swaying left and right and up and down. We can barely concentrate on one thing. We are slowly running out of food and we are eating less each day. I am so looking forward to getting to an island quick so that we can stock up on resources.
As we are getting closer to the island we are all feeling excited. We are about to have dinner soon we are trying to catch some fish with our wooden spares that we made out of sticks that were floating in the water. The captain has just announced that it should take about 4 days till we reach Rapanui. I am looking forward to when we reach Rapanui we will have retraced a historic journey.

Here is a Checklist of thing we would need
.First aid kit
.Clothes for a mixture of weather conditions.
.Life jacket
.Fishing rod
.Repair builder

Friday, 20 February 2015

Marshmallow krispes

Today we had Zeal zone again we made Rice krispie treats but my group call them marshmallow krispes. This was to tech us that we only have sugar thing on speacial occassions.

1 500 g bag of Rice pops ( Homebrand ) $ 3
1 tabel spread 500 g Sunrise $2
1 150g bag of Ma baker mashmallow $ 2
All togetheer that costs $7 

The steps
 First melt a 1/4 cup of butter in a pan then add 4 cups of mashmallows in the same pan .When you have done that fill six cups of rice pops into a bowl  when the Marshmallows have melted and there are no bumps pour then in the same bowl as the Rice pops Mix well then set till ready.

One time why don't you try to make it and don't forget only have sugar treats every once a while.

Zeal zone Come on let's EAT!!

last friday me and some of the other year seven and eights did a thing named zeal zone. There are five groups Come on lets EAT!!, Going somewhere, Art, Music and Values club. The group I'm in is Come on let's eat where we make and learn about our health and healthy foods. We are all learning about eating the right foods last week we made wraps with carrots, ham a little bit of chesse, hummuse and lettuce. It was so yum.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Here I have made a Presentation where there is graphs to show you infomation about My maths class. We had to collect info about our class and put it into a graph . So sit back, relax and injoy.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

All about room 3

Here I have made a survey for you and others to fill in. I have made it for my class so that I can see who likes what. I hope you enjoy!!

New blog profile

Greetings everyone my name is Ariana I am 10 years of age turning 11 In April. I am In home class 3 my home teacher is Mrs Tele’a. I am starting my first year of intermediate this year. I have one sister Brooklyn and one stepbrother Cairo. I love to do Art - my favourite colours are blue, purple and green. I love to eat, my favourite foods are burgers, pizza and ice cream. This year I am aiming to be a prefect for year eight. Wish me good luck!!

This is my new Blog profile. What's that you wounder? Well It's the words under my photo at the top of this page.

Monday, 2 February 2015

First day at school

It's the first day at school and I loved it. This year I am in form 1, year 7. I have just started Intermediate and I am in class 3 my home class teacher is Mrs Tele'a. Shes cool, I have other teachers too their  names are Mr Wiseman, Miss Poeta, Miss Clark and Miss Moala. We have literacy classes and we get a different teacher for that class and that's the same with Maths I don't know who mine are all I know is who my home teacher is. Every term we have a different enquiry and every year we have a new korero for the year this year It's MATAPONO E which is Maori for keep It real. My goals for this year is to be chosen to be a Prefect.