Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Picnic reflection 2016

This year our picnic was a bit different we usually have picnic in term one but because of the weather it got moved to term four. So when I arrived at school  I was ready to go down to the beach and chill and maybe even play in the sand with my friends. Mr Burt then called all of the school into the hall for reminders and a quick talk about responsibility. Our class was called first to start walking down to the beautiful pt England reserve just across from our school. Other classes came following after.

When we got to the reserve we sat down again for another talk and then Off we all went. Every team had their own setting area our team were sitting under the trees near the cliff off onto the beach. Most people went down to the beach to play in the sand and find some crabs in the water. The water was quite out so we had to wait until later on to go swimming. I went down to look for some crabs I kept getting the biggest crabs, my friends called my the crab whisperer. I then sat down on the sand just playing with my friends trying to bury them in sand.

After a while I got bored so me and my friend Lucy went for a walk down the beach and started playing with the clay I had a whole handful of clay and made a circle. We walked back down to where we were sitting before. We sat up under the trees. I started eating and Lucy went to sleep. I just started talking to my friend Htete Htete and Quinlan we ate heaps of lollies and chocolate. I then went back down on the sand and played around again. I came back up later when all of our class was eating hot chips. Our teacher Mrs Tele’a shouted our whole class hot chips and drinks. It was also Cameo’s birthday and her friend Heather made a cookies and cream cheesecake for her. I thought that was so nice.  

Later on we had to leave so we all sat back down in the middle of the reserve and while waiting for everyone to come we had a karaoke. It was so funny some boys were funny when they were singing. Overall it was so fun I wish I could go back to that day or just have a picnic every Friday.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Extension reflection

Extension 2016, This year in extension has gone by really fast. I have learnt so many new things and had fun at the same time. Some highlights from this year have been participating in the 40 hour famine and going to Q theater to watch some movies and documentaries. I felt I have pushed myself especially in this last term to finish my work like working in my lunchtimes and out of class. Hopefully I have done well in my test and projects to get a good mark on my report.

This year we have done a lot of things. In term one we got into groups and made a mtv. Then in term two we focused our learning around art and making an piece of artwork around our story we wrote. In term three we learnt more about the Olympics and made a movie about it. Lastly in term 4 we learnt about the water cycle and the three states of matter and created a movie on our understanding in these topics. Next year I won't be in extension again because I will have started college but I wish all the year 7’s good luck for the upcoming year.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ext practise writing test

Here is my practise writing test I did in extension. I worked on my story then shared it with my buddy to check and edit so the words highlighted in blue are the edit's my friend Lucy made. She also shared her work with me and I helped edit it too. My planning is also down below along with my story.



- kidnaped by clown

Things that I changed
                                        Dad’s gone wild

“Daaaad come on I have to go to school!”moaned Rosie. “Hold on Rosie I’m just feeding the chickens” replied her Dad. Rosie and her Dad James both lived on a farm far from her school and being an only child she got lonely sometimes. They had finally arrived at school where she met tons of girls gossiping about the killer clowns. “Good thing their only in the countryside” she heard one girl saying. Rosie was curious but knew she had to stay focused on her school work.

Her dad came to pick her up after school and she noticed he was acting a bit strange. When they got home he told her to do some homework (Rosie didn’t really like doing homework.)  So with a angry look on her face she walked over to her room and started reading she got a bit bored after a while so she thought she would go and play in the massive field they owned on the farm.

She walked into the paddock of horses and saw a mysterious man standing behind a tree. Rosie froze in shock she didn’t know what to do, she slowly walked back to her house and right then that man started chasing her! While running in fear she turned around and noticed that he was wearing a mask and looked like a clown (She didn’t like clowns). She Yelled out for her dad but no one replied. She ran into her house and called out again but still no reply. She got her phone and ran into her room. She locked her door and dialled the police but...... she didn’t have any credit. She then went online to see if she could post about and get help but.... there was no Wifi either. She sat in her room in fear while the clown tried to break in.

“Come on don’t be scared” replied a voice coming outside her door. But Rosie was scared she thought she was gonna die and then BANG! The door opened Rosie started crying but then the scary clown took of his mask and Rosie saw that it was just her dad and Rosie started laughing and so did her dad. “Are you alright Rosie?” asked her dad “Yeah but you gave me a big fright I thought I was gonna die” Rosie's dad James heard about the killer clowns and thought that he might scare Rosie just as a prank. Rosie found it kind of funny but still hates clowns.

By Ariana

Ext movie SOM and Water cycle

Here is my movie about the states of matter and the water cycle. I did this in extension, I explained the different stages of the water cycle and drew animation to go in it. I also talked about the three states of matter which is Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Word problems

Here is my maths work for the week.  I learnt to partion my fraction and use decimals.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Not long ago we went to Sylvia park for the Maniakalni film festival we saw heaps of movies not only our school but from other schools in our area too. Each year we have this thing called the Maniakalani film festival were each class in the Maniakalani schools get to make a movie about ever they want and share it with every from our schools. I enjoyed it and it was fun to be in the movie. This was the last ever Maniakalni film festival I would go ever for pt england school.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Fair testing Tukituki river

Here is what me and my friend Lucy worked on it's about the Tukituki river and fair testing.

Ariana & Collin

Here we have simplified our linear8 problems. That we did in maths

Earthquake letter

Here is my letter that I wrote.

To those who have been affected by the Earthquake,

We at Pt England school are deeply sympathetic and feel sorry for what you have lost. We hope you will recover soon our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Image result for keep calmThe 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit must of impacted you a lot. I can only image what it must be like for you with broken homes,fallen trees and a loss of food supply. Even with power cuts and no internet!

This Natural disaster has created major landslides and total chaos but there's still many water and food supplies coming. This letter also goes out to the families who have lost a loved one or their house that had been broken into.

Hope,Faith,Happiness and peace these are all things we are praying for you and your family. We hope you all feel better soon. God bless we are thinking of you.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Ch Ch changes experiment DLO

Here is my animation from this term,Our topic this term is Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes and we our learning about science and experiments. My animation is about the Coke and Mentos experiment that we did. Enjoy.

My olympic DLO

Here is my animation it is about Lydia Ko at the 2016 olympics.I was meant to complete this by last term but I didn't end up getting it done but here it is. Enjoy.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Wk 6 Thinkboard

Here is my think board for the week. In the middle box is the equation we got and my answer. In the top box is my working out then in the right box is the strategy I used. In the bottom box I have written a word story problem and in the left box I have made 10 other similar questions.

Wk 2 discussion doc

Work on this Doc together with a partner or in a 3.

Give three examples of each state of matter?

What’s the difference between the three states of matter?
Solid molecules are close together and arranged in a regular way.
Liquids molecules are close together but not as tight as Solids molecules and not as.
Gases molecules do not touch. Their molecules are far apart from each other.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you learned from this reading task.

We have learnt that molecules are the smallest particles can get. Another word for molecules is particles. The elements from the Periodic table are molecules. Some molecules from the periodic tables are natural and some have formed by mankind. More molecules are yet to be discovered.

This is my discussion doc I did with Seini we talk to each other about what we learnt and then wrote it done. We have explained what the differences between Solids,Liquids and Gases. We also gave some examples of each state of matter.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Geometry Poster

Here I have created a poster for maths. Our task was to make a poster for a Year 4 reader. We had to teach them a bit about Geometry and what we have learnt.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Fast Rust Task

Walt: Synthesise information from multiple sources.  
Success Criteria: I can make links between the multiple resources I access.

What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)
Rusting occurs when Iron is exposed to moisture and oxygen. When iron has water or is damp and then the oxygen from the air goes into the water, The surface of the iron reacts with the oxygen mixed in water, it creates a thing called iron oxide. Iron oxide mixers with the water and creates hydrated iron oxide which is the red stuff we call rust.

How could you prevent something from rusting?
To help prevent iron or metal from rusting you can paint the places that are exposed to oxygen or moisture most people do this to bikes and cars. Another way to prevent rust is to add a layer of oil or grease some people oil their bicycle chains which slows done the process of rusting. To prevent rusting you can also use a sacrificial protection called Galvanizing. This method works when iron gets covered in zinc. The zinc is a self healing metal that is very effective and will last longer.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

From this reading I have learnt the different stages of how rust forms and develops. The different ways to prevent rust from occurring and learning and understanding different words like hydrated iron oxide, corrode, alloy, etc.

Geometry Wk5

Here is my presentation this week we learnt about Geometry. I found this kind of easy a part from two questions. I enjoyed this.

Think board Wk5

Here is my think board for the week. In the middle box is the equation we got and my answer. In the top box is my working out then in the right box is the strategy I used. In the bottom box I have written a word story problem and in the left box I have made 10 other similar questions.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Practise Test

At school we did a practise test for writing, our teacher gave us a photo and we got to write a narrative about it. You can see that they are different colours. The blue ones mean they are simple sentences, the orange mean compound sentences and the pink mean there complex sentences. We also planned using TOPS.

Image result for interesting pictures

Title: Talking tree
Orientation: A homeless girl goes to the talking tree for guidance
Problem: She loses her dog and gets lost looking for him
Solution: the tree helps Mary find her dog

All alone on the streets lives a young girl named Mary. She had been thrown out of her house; now living homeless. The only family she has is her pet dog she found wandering in the streets. Mary was always anxious and shy. The only friend she really had was her talking tree. She would always go to the tree that lived up on top of the hill overlooking the village below. Mary would go with her dog (Fluffy) and they would stay up there and talk forever with the tree. She felt safe when she was with the tree.

One night Mary walked down the hill where the tree lived when.... Fluffy run off. Mary chased after Fluffy but Fluffy was to fast. After running and searching for Fluffy Mary got tired so she sat down in a dark alleyway to have a rest but ended up falling off to sleep.

The next day came and Mary was still sleeping.  All of a sudden she got a massive headache and felt like she could hear voices all around her but no one was their. She was confused.  She could just pick out a voice saying “Calm down Mary it’s just me the tree”, “What the tree that I always talk to?” Replied Mary.“Yes now go find Fluffy! I can see her she’s in the market next to that old man who sells ice cream ”, “Ok thanks” said Mary. Mary sprinted over to the old man who sells fruit and vegetables. Their Fluffy was, she was just lying down on the ground eating. She was just Hungry (like always).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thinkboard Wk2

Here is my think board for the week. I used Bedmas and showed my working out.  I have written a word story problem and showed other similar questions.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sentence Types

Here is a presentation explaining the different sentence types there's simple,compound and complex. Look through my presentation to learn more

Hiwi the kiwi

Hiwi the kiwi had came to town to visit our school Pt England. The Minstrel and his wife came along to teach us more about caring for our kaimoana (Seafood) and our sea. They told us how to fish for the future.

One way you can help prevent the extinction of sea life is to always have a wet towel on board at all times. Why you wonder? Well because we have oils and bacteria in our hands and skin and fishes have a sort of sun block type layer on their flesh so when we touch them with our bare hands we rub off their layer and sometimes they can die.

Another way to fish for the future is to take a ruler with you to measure how long your fish is. We need to do this because if catch a fish that is under the legal measurement then you would need to pay a fine and the fishes won't get enough time to grow bigger so that it can breed and make more fish. If it is too big you can take it home but it would be good to leave it in the water cause it might be pregnant and might have more babies.

Hiwi the kiwi was great, The Minstrel and his wife taught us heaps. It was fun and got us singing and laughing.

Justin Gatlin Doping?

Here is my poster I made, This week in reading I got to became a reporter I choose Justin Gatlin in his doping case.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Thinkboard WK7

Here is my think board for the week. I used addition Partioning.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Thinkboard wk2

Thinkboard wk5

Here is a my think board. I explained my strategy and gave them 10 other similar questions. I have also made a word story problem and add photos of that in my diagram.

Ratios and Porportions

Here my maths presentation in here i learnt how to identify ratios and proportions within equations. It was really fun. Enjoy

Monday, 5 September 2016

Maths Ratio 1

Here is one of my maths presentation for the week. In here I have identified ratios.Enjoy

Friday, 2 September 2016

WK 6 Thinkboard

Here is my think board for this week I used partitioning . Enjoy.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

German twins at the Olympics

Here is my presentation, I read a article and explained everything in here. Take a look to learn more.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rio Olympics photo Nararritive

Here in Literacy we had to choose any picture to do with the Olympics, I choose this one and wrote a narrative about.

“Ahhhh” Yelled Julie in her head, she was nervous because they were about to start the race. She had trained for four years!! Julie and the rest of the athletes were stretching and getting themselves ready. One of the race starters said “Ok it’s time girls line up into your lanes.” Once they were all lined up Julie felt anxious and a bit sick. She could feel the crowd buzzing with excitement.

GO. All the Athletes started sprinted through the first lap and the second as well, but on the last lap Julie was in the lead suddenly a cat ran onto the track. Everyone in the stands stood in silence. This could ruin her chance of winning. Julie didn’t know what to do she was worried she was going to run it over. When she came closer to the cat she jumped over the it and won the race. The Crowd cheered.

 As she stood on the podium to receive her medal she saw in the distance the cat that was on the track. Julie felt as if she had known that cat forever. She went to get the cat and saw that it didn’t belong to anyone so she decided to take it home. She then adopted it and named him Sam.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

OLYMPICS facts on Athelets

Here is my presentation. I got to research what ever I wanted to in the Olympics and I choose to do some facts on some well known Athletes. Take a look and see.

NZ at the Olympic

Here is my presentation. Today in class we got to choose what ever we wanted to research about in the Olympics. I choose all of New Zealand at the Olympics in here I have some facts and some stories to keep you entertained. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Thinkboard Wk 4

Here is my think board for the week. I learnt how to use  partitioning with decimals!!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Chicken leg effect

Here is my Presentation called the Chicken leg effect. It talks about some of the things that happen to you when you go to space. This also tells you about your Blood and heart. Please enjoy.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Thinkboard wk 1

Here is my Think board for the week I learnt how to use the strategy named part unknown.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Today My class and I registered for this site named Winter learning journey. Where we get to do activity.We had to imagine ourselves back in time in 2792 at the Olympic games. We had to choose a sport out of Running, Wrestling, Boxing, Pankration, Horse racing, Pentathlon. I choose the diaulos Running.  There were 3 levels

The stade – a sprinting race. The athletes ran from one side of the stadium to the other.

The diaulos  –  a middle distance race. The athletes ran two lengths of the stadium.

The dolichos – an endurance race. The athletes ran approximately 20 lengths of the stadium

The diaulos looked like the easiest because I wouldn't have to sprint and lose my energy that fast but I would have had to run two lengths of the stadium rather then
1 side to the other.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Thinkboard Wk 9

Here is my think board for the week on this you can see my question and answer, my strategy, my thinking,  my word story problem and my other similar questions.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Thinkboard Wk8

Here is my Think board for this week. In this I will be telling you my strategy,my thinking,my words story problem,my other similar questions and Of course my answer and question.

300th post

Yay I have posted over 300 post on my blog I hope you have enjoyed my post, But that's not it I will still be posting so keep watching my blog to see all the other cool stuff I have been up to.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Language features

Here is a presentation about what I now know about poetry. In this presentation I will show some examples of Similes, Metaphors and Onomatopoeia.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Thinkboard wk 7

Here is my Think board for the week.It shows you my question and answer in the middle of the page. At the bottom is my world problem, at the left side is my 2 other similar questions I created. In the right side is telling you my strategy and at the top of the page is my diagram of my thinking.

Friday, 10 June 2016

20 hour famine

Right now I am taking part in the 20 hr famine. We are at school and have been put into team colours I am in green. We can only drink just juice,water and eat barley sugars to give us energy.

 So far we have just played karaoke,had a dance competition and played basketball and we have also been learning more about why we are fundraising. We are fundraising for the refugees in Syria who have left their homes that have been bomb and are looking for somewhere to live. It is hard for hem now with hardly any water or food and barely any shelter.
Team Green
Every one at 20 hour famine

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not tell Mystics vs Magics

Here I have just started my writing on what me and my Netball team did on Monday I tried show you how it was and not just telling you.

It was Monday evening the cold wind rustled in the trees it was time. My netball team and I walked into the building our giggles and laughter filled the Arena. We were all filled with excitement . We found our seats and sat down. The building was scattered with blue seats and in the middle a little netball court where the Mystics would vs the Magic's.

The Game had started. Cheers and Chants came from all over the Building. Our Anxiety rose. Arms were being darted in the air as the first team had scored.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Thank you Miss Stuhlman

Here is a post for our student teacher Miss Stuhlman she has been with our class for 5 weeks at our school. She has been a great friend to all of us she always made us laugh. She is great at her job she has even help teach some of us Contemporary dance. I hope she succeeds in the rest of her carrier. The Best of luck from Pt England school and Me.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wool and nail art

Today in class we did Inquiry My class room three went to Room one and we learnt how to do Wool and nail art. Here me and my partner Khaia got given a piece off wood and a template of a star we nailed nails in each edge of the star then we took the template out and put wool around it in our own design. This was fun to do and it got us creative and Imaginative.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Character Descriptions

In Extension class today we tried to write 3 brief paragraphs about the picture or video. It sound easy right but instead we had to show the audience what happening not just telling them. We also had to right it all in past tense. I found this a little tricky to do but hopefully I will get better.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Anzac NZ @ war

 WarHere is my Presentation it is about a journal that I read then I wrote a synopsis about each one. I then made connections between the different articles. After all that I wrote a summary about if I think that this information is important or not.

Press this picture to see one of my connections that I made.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

School is back and to start the term we have had our a Immersion Assembly. What is a Immersion Assembly you ask? Well here at Pt England every day on the first day of a term the teachers put together a little skit based around our term topic and this term our Topic is as i see it .This term our focus is around art and how we see things.

Team 1 is focusing around their favourite things. Team 2 is focused on Seasons and all their different colours. Team 3 is focused on Grand Designs and architecture. Team 4 is focused on Comics and hero they're also going to be creating their own comics. My team team 5 is going to be focusing around our 4 waka and the meaning of them and what they represent and symbolize.

My favourite performance was from team 4 because in their movie I loved their humour and all their funny superhero names. In their movie the plot was that a evil bear (Bear Baxidine) stole one of the students net books and these amateur heroes came to stop him but instead Bear Baxindine Defeated them and tied them to a pole. Then the Teacher Avengers came along to help them. Their was Wondering Women, Bat Guy and Team Leader America. They stop Bear Baxindine and rescued the amateur hero.

This Term I will be looking forward to learning more about our history and our ancestors and also because we are focusing more on art,  art is my favourite subject.

Think board Wk1

Here is my think board for the week I used Algorithm it took me a few tries to get the right answer but in the end I figured it out.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Book Review

Here I have done a book review on a book named The Fantastic Mr fox. I have read through the book and then answered these questions. This presentation will tell you the main characters and their Characteristic,  The setting, The plot, Different ways of solving the problem, How I would rate this book and my connection towards this story. I differently enjoyed this book I think this would would be one of my favourite books because its full of lots of Adventure and Mystery. So if you haven't already I differently suggest that you should read this book :) .

Monday, 11 April 2016

Loaves and Fishes Review

Here is my book review I did on a book named Loaves and Fishes. It is also a story from the bible. This is my review so it is just on my point of view and my opinions. Maybe you can find this book at one of your local library.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Problem solving

Here is my maths for the week, I have done problem solving. I learnt how to use  fractions with whole numbers. This task really challenged me to think more. I also learnt how to use the pat unknown to solve these fractions.

Before Fiafia

Here at Pt england school we have our annual Fiafia, where all the students get into groups and learn a performance that they will share with the rest of the school and community. Their are heaps of groups from various cultures and countries. Like Samoan,Cook island dancing and
drumming,Bollywood,Asian,Hip Hop,,Circus Circus,Rock band that’s only some of them. We do this to celebrate all the diversity in our community.

I'm in the Cook island dance group. Were a mixed group with juniors and seniors. I'm only one of the two year eights in my group. We have been practising for 6 weeks now and I definitely think that our group has made a big improvement. We practise in the pavilion. One of the student's mother and father help tutor us along with Miss Nalder and Miss Peak.

We also work alongside the Cook island drumming group who will be playing live at the event. The cook island drums provide big loud beats for us to dance to. We will be performing in a blue pareu with a white t-shirt and a yellow ei.

Yesterday we had a rehearsal on the stage in the front of the school. We wore the last group to practise. When my group went on it was not like what we planned we weren't in the right order and the whole back of the stage was taken up by our drummers. So After the rehearsal was finished our group stayed behind to have one more practise and to sort out our lines.

So Please come to our Fiafia tonight at our school. Their will be heaps of food stalls to buy from. If you come down please bring a gold coin to support our school fundraisers.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Compare and Contrast

Here I have written and compared how my parents learnt at school to how I learn at school . I have written a conclusion to show you how I feel and think about our learning differences.

MTV for Extension

Here is a MTV me and my friends made in extension. we found a song which was My house and changed up the lyrics. Now our song is called Our School.We made a movie to go with our song. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Today in class we talked about Identity and what it means to know your I identity and what it's like to be unclear of your identity. The words written in black is for the side that we know our Identity. The Right side with the words written in purple is for when you are not sure or unclear of your Identity. Here are some of the words we came up with today in class.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fact or opinion

Here is a presentation I did with my partner Cameo. Here we have answered the given questions and highlighted which ones were right. Green for right and Red for wrong.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Visual Mihi

Here is my Visual Mihi, In the middle is me, In the top left corner is my school logo, In the Right top corner is my cultures and my cultures are Tahitian,Cook island and New Zealand. In the bottom left corner is my hobbies I like to play netball and enjoy doing Art. In the right bottom corner is a bible for my religion.