Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

School is back and to start the term we have had our a Immersion Assembly. What is a Immersion Assembly you ask? Well here at Pt England every day on the first day of a term the teachers put together a little skit based around our term topic and this term our Topic is as i see it .This term our focus is around art and how we see things.

Team 1 is focusing around their favourite things. Team 2 is focused on Seasons and all their different colours. Team 3 is focused on Grand Designs and architecture. Team 4 is focused on Comics and hero they're also going to be creating their own comics. My team team 5 is going to be focusing around our 4 waka and the meaning of them and what they represent and symbolize.

My favourite performance was from team 4 because in their movie I loved their humour and all their funny superhero names. In their movie the plot was that a evil bear (Bear Baxidine) stole one of the students net books and these amateur heroes came to stop him but instead Bear Baxindine Defeated them and tied them to a pole. Then the Teacher Avengers came along to help them. Their was Wondering Women, Bat Guy and Team Leader America. They stop Bear Baxindine and rescued the amateur hero.

This Term I will be looking forward to learning more about our history and our ancestors and also because we are focusing more on art,  art is my favourite subject.

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