Monday, 20 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Our Inquiry movie

For inquiry in class we have been looking into Pt England school and how we would like to improve things here at Pt England. My group has chosen to redecorate the Wharefono because we think the inside is dell and from the outside it just looks like a normal building.We have put this movie together to show some of the steps we had did to find out how we were gonna decorate it. Enjoy.

Cool down

Here is one of my favourite song right now it's a old song but I still like it. It is called Cool down by Kolohe Kai, he is a Hawaiian singer who has sang many songs and has some albums too.

Anzac day

Here is my movie I made about Anzac and WW1. I know it's a bit late but here it is. Anzac day is a day of remembrance a day were we remember the soldiers that fought for us 100 years ago. There were soldiers from New Zealand, Australia and pacific islands. The poppy represents were the soldiers died in Flanders field.