Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Summer learning journey WK1 D1

For this project we are going to focus on 6 countries across 6 continents: For this week I chose the United kingdom

  1. Canada - North America
  2. Malaysia - Asia
  3. United Kingdom - United Kingdom
  4. The Europe map
    Germany - Europe
  5. Chile - South America
  6. New Zealand - Australasia

Some of the reasons I choose the United Kingdom
  • There are around 51 different theme and amusement parks.
  • It's only 2h and 16 minuets to train to paris .So you can basically you just train or fairy to all these other countries in Europe near by.
  • Some famous people from the United kingdom are The Betels,One direction and Adele
  • The all blacks have won many times in the Wembley stadium
Image result for the big ben
The Big ben tower