Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Election billboard

Here is my election billboard I have made.
This week the extension class and I have been looking and seeing what the elections really are. Here I am as a MMP (Member mixed proportions).

Get ready for it

Thats right Its the holidays and you know what that means no more school Yaaay!! The holidays is a time of year where you don't get to got to school or work. Where you can relax and unwind. Their are so many types of holidays there's the public holidays where we celebrate the queens birthday but my personal favorite is the Christmas holidays because its four weeks longer and because It’s a time to celebrate not only a soon to be new year but also a time where we celebrate the birth of jesus.

The holidays are going to be so much fun. What are you going to do for the holidays? Well I’ll tell you what I’m going to do or should I say go yeah thats right im going to australia the country where it is well known for it’s heat, It’s out back it’s animals and it’s beautiful beaches. Why am I going you ask? Well I’m going to see my whanau I’m going to go with my sister and nana.

Were going to were lots of sun block because we don't want to get burnt in the sun or at the beach. I know that its the holidays but we still need to learn new things. So here is some sand facts did you know that sand is a loose granular substance. Another interesting facts is that sandy soils are excellent for growing watermelon,peaches and peanuts. It’s the last day of school for me and I can’t wait for the holidays!!!


This is a presitation about a superfood named breadfruit I have collected information and graphics to show and tell you all about bread fruit. If you would like to see it just press the start botton on the bottom left of the presintation. ENJOY!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Are we responsibly ( News article)

WALT: Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

                                                  Are They Responsible?
Pt England School

Here in the heart of Auckland at  Pt England School students have chromebooks that they use for learning. Some kids even take them home.

They learn on line. They have a whole range of digital tools and apps which they use to create cool things. Some of the apps  are google docs, gmail and blogger. They mainly use blogger to share their learning.

Marilyn a Pt England student and a Chromebook user says “That we take them home to learn more”. When they take it home they not only use it to learn after school but in the weekends and in the holidays. They don't just take it home to learn but its a good way for their parents to see what they are learning. Mrs Garden one of the team leaders at Pt england school has said that using Chromebooks has most definitely improved the kids learning more than normal pencil and paper.  

What do they do on their chromebooks you are asking? Well they often create a digital movie or animation to explain what they have been learning. Having their own access to the internet means they don't have to wait or wonder what to do next; they can follow their own learning pathway most of the time.

It won't be long until all students in
New Zealand have one of their own.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Storyline's festival

Lately I have gone to the story line festival with the extension group. You will properly think that it has to do with stories and books you are right, while we were there we saw four amazing NZ authors. First was Catherine mayo then Julliette MacIver after her was Jill macgregor and last but not least was Paula green. Where did we go you ask well we went to the Auckland Vodafone event centre. 

The stand outs for me was Juliet because she was funny,weird and quirky. The type of books she writes are children's she told us that she loved mixing words together. She has written a three book series called Marmaduke duck.

Another stand out was Paula green I liked her because she does some really good books. She loves to rhyme. She told us that when she was little she loved Dr sues books.