Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Arts and crafts

This holiday I've been making new and interesting things. I've been painting, cutting and drawing. I've been pleading for paints for ages now that I have some I am satisfied. My mum says that I have a creative mind.          
My colourful heart

My golden leaf
my stormy forest painting
My Caterpillar tooth brush holder
My Caterpillar tooth brush holder
My 3D Elephant

My 3D spider 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My sisters birthday

Today is my sisters birthday shes turning thirteen today shes officially  a teenager can you guess why?........... cause its got the word teen in it. Shes heading off to College and ill be in year six this year. Where three years apart so I'm turning double digits this year which is ten.

For my sisters birthday were going out for dinner,shes chose where to go where going to LORD NELSONS . My family loves going there and every time we go they always orders steak i order pork spare  ribs or Calamari. I think they have the best ribs ever In fact my favourite food are pork spare Ribs. Tonight i might try there steak for the first time.

My sister Brooklyn really enjoyed her birthday. she even invited her friend Ashleigh for a sleep over the weekend before they went to JUMP and saw the movie The book thief.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

New Plymouth

This holidays my dad, sister, my friend Caroline and I all went down to New Plymouth to see some family. We stayed  at my papa Arthur's we went and saw my cousins Chanel(13),Aj(10) and Tia(6) . My dad sister Caroline and I went for a bike ride around the walkway. Because the walk way is close to the beach we got hit by the waves the waves splashed up on the rocks and went right over us we were soaking wet. The next day we all went to the lights even our cousins came and my Auntie Vera and Uncle Shane. It was sooooo cool we had too walk around and we saw all these lights in the trees we even saw thing flying in the trees. They had a bubble machine were you put money in and it makes bubbles and music. They also had a park the park is really fun. The next  day we went to the Arcade me and Aj went on everything together. We went on the motorbikes  and we tried to get the lollies and chocolates and also the teddy bears I got a couple of lollies and chocolates. That was the End of our trip we drove back to my papa Arthur's and backed our bags. back home for us Home sweet Home.

My highlight of the trip was the lights because they had so many Interesting lights and Art in the park.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Christmas

Merry Christmas every one and a happy new year,Christmas day came and lot's of presents wore under the Christmas tree. I went around and took all mine and when we were all around the Christmas tree we  called all hear the sound of paper ripping into bits . My sister opened her presents first then my mum and lucky last me. When we all opened our presents  there was heaps of wrapping paper surrounding us.