Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My sisters birthday

Today is my sisters birthday shes turning thirteen today shes officially  a teenager can you guess why?........... cause its got the word teen in it. Shes heading off to College and ill be in year six this year. Where three years apart so I'm turning double digits this year which is ten.

For my sisters birthday were going out for dinner,shes chose where to go where going to LORD NELSONS . My family loves going there and every time we go they always orders steak i order pork spare  ribs or Calamari. I think they have the best ribs ever In fact my favourite food are pork spare Ribs. Tonight i might try there steak for the first time.

My sister Brooklyn really enjoyed her birthday. she even invited her friend Ashleigh for a sleep over the weekend before they went to JUMP and saw the movie The book thief.

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