Thursday, 30 October 2014

Brochure - Te Ana Ngai Thau rock center

This is a presintation about Te Ana Ngai Thau rock center and there historical rock art. I lerant a lot about moari art and what they saw. Enjoy!!

Being a good friend( writing test)

WALT: explain to your reader what being a good friend means

A good friend. How to be a good friend? Friends are one of the things that come in handy when things go wrong or when you just want someone to talk to. That’s why we need to be nice and take care of them. Because they can be the key to happiness. For me being a good friend is to show them with the same respect that they show me.

In almost every friendship friends fall out with each other and disagree. When that happens you either need to fix the bond that has been broken or find other friends. It’s always nice to have lot’s of friends because you will never get bored but on the down side you will never get peace and quiet. So choose wiseley don’t just make friends with someone who you think is going to do your homework. Choose a friend who will be there whenever you're feeling down.

How to meet a friend that is one of the hardest things we can do because you never know what will happen. An easy way is to start with a simple “hello” then ask them questions like what sports do like, what's their favourite colour. Then choose if their the right friend for you. Usually you will choose someone who likes the same interest in you.

Ways of showing respect to a friend is to say thank you and please. Some other ways are to help them out whenever they need it. These are thing you can do not only with friends but with family and teachers. It’ always nice when you help people out of the kindness of your heart and maybe in the future something good might happen.

I hope you have learnt something and will treat your friends with what I taught you. If you're making a friend don’t be afraid go for it .Remember not all friends come and go so treasure them.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Reading maps

This is a presintation about reading maps. We were learning about the key and the compass. We had to use the polyline tool and colour in the places we were supoost to colur in. It was both a new skill and fun I had lot's of fun with this project.

Friday, 17 October 2014

A chords

Here is the link to me playing the A chord and A 7 chord. If you wanna watch it you can just copy it into the link tab and watch it. Hope you enjoy!!

Being Fit

Did you know that your body is an amazing machine? It just needs to be used everyday to keep it well.

Exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Fitness means having the energy to work, play and do all the thing you want to do easily. Your body can not store fitness so you need to exercise regular to stay fit.

Exercise makes you feel and look better, it keeps your body a healthy weight. It helps you relax and sleep better and when you exercise your body produces chemicals called endorphins which go to your brain and make you feel better.

Exercise for strength makes your muscles stronger so you can work different parts of your body with out feeling weak. Exercise for stamina makes your heart and lungs stronger and helps blood float easily around your body. Stamina is the ability to exercise for longer without being tired or out of breath.

So you need to move it!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014


In extension we have been learning about
symbolism and what represents us and our families. First Mrs tele'a gave us a pice of paper with symbols on them and we had to guess what they were. Some of the symbols were Dream works, coke and Dell. Then we all got in a pair of two and shared something that was importent to our families. I paired up with my good friend Khaia.  She told me that her culture was really impotent to her and her family and mine was  cook island dancing.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What are Capitals?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.

Have you ever wondered what Capital letters are? First the other name for Capitals are upper case the the smaller letters are called lower case. Another odd thing about them are that sometimes their a different size from the lower case like R to r, there are some that stay the same for example O to o, C to c.

Using Capitals letters are really simple there are so many ways to use them. You can use them in so many things but one way of using them are in Dates. For instance today is 15, October , 2014. In dates you can have capital letters in any language like Chinese, Cook island and even Indian. Not only in different countries but for special events like Christmas, Holidays and much more.      

I I I how are we supposed to right an I. If  you were going to write a sentence like this “i went to school” you would be writing it wrong. This how you are supposed to write It “ I went to school ”.  Did you see the bit I changed? Another example is I’ve, I’ll, It in fact any word with a pronoun I in it.

Here I will show you how to write a Geographical place with a capital. (Geographical means a place in the world). For example I live in Glen Innes, Auckland New Zealand. Another example is California, L.A, U.S.A. You can even use Capitals for the seven contents like Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

Last but not least Names, Now for names every time you spell someones name don’t forget to Spell it with a Capital. For instance my name is Ariana and my friends are Brooklyn, Khaia and Marilyn. Another example is, My teachers are Mrs Garden, Mrs Jacobson, Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin.

If you want your audience to understand your writing then don’t forget to use Capitals!!!