Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokuke'a recont

You have probably seen that in most of my posts I have been talking about the Hokule'a and talking about getting ready and what we have done. Well last week on Wednesday they had arrived in front of Pt England beach. The whole of the Manaiakalani school cluster was there too. The whole of Pt England school walked down but some of the other schools came on a bus because they are further away. Except two lucky students from our school Collin and Paige got to ride on the Hikianalia. I was one of the students that got to look after the little juniors and we were making sure that they are sitting down when they're told and to make sure that they crossed the roads right.

When we got there we sat on the grass with the other schools, and around the corner came Hikianalia. With Paige and Collin on the va a’a when they came we sang different waiata’s and people did speeches. The crew among the Hokulea and Hikianalia sang and said speeches too. One of the men aboard the va'a (Kalepa Baybayan) was one out of five people that knew how the sun and the star of gladness works.
Near the end we got to shake and high five the voyagers hands there were so many of them. When we shook their hands we said Aloha because most of them are Hawaiian. The Hikanilia and Hokule’a started in Hawaii then to Tahiti and Samoa,The Cook islands and more till they reached New Zealand. They had travelled the entire Pacific and some other countries too.

It was a very significant event  and I am so privileged to see and meet them I think that our school is a very lucky school and that we should really appreciate what we get and what people have done for us.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Polyfest 2015 recount

JPEG ImageIt was the sunny morning of the 19th of march 2015 the birds were singing and the sun was Shining bright. It was the day the Yr 7 and 8 students from Pt england school where about to make history because it was the first ever time People had gone to polyfest as a class.

When we had arrived at polyfest we were greeted with lovely ASB ladies  (The polyfest is sponsored by ASB) and Flava the radio station. There was a surprise guest can you guess who it was........................ too late I’ll tell you it was the John key

JPEG ImageMy first favourite thing was doing all the activities and getting the free gifts. we got free crackers, free Milk and a free goodie bag.

Displaying IMG_0024.JPGMy second favourite thing was learning about my culture and other peoples culture. I am half Cook island and half Maori we didn’t get to see a lot of cook island but we saw a little of the Maori performances.

My third favourite was going to look around in our groups of 8 or 7. All of the classes got into groups and the parent helpers took us  around to all the stalls and got to do anything we wanted.

I can’t wait till next year I hope I will get to perform for the Cook island performances soon.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


My dad lives in Australia and yesterday he gave me and my sister a surprise because he was her in new zealand he had arrived Sunday night and is staying in new zeland until next tuesday. My mum new that he was coming and she was tyring to keep it a secret to make it a proper surprise she had told us that she wanted to tell us that he was coming  so many times. My dad is called Adrian he is awesome his favourite colour is black and his favourite foods are Japanese and Chinese. I'm so glad that he is here!! :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Think board

Here is my think board I had to answer the question what is 5/8 of 56 and my answer was 35. If you want to see how I worked it out read my thinkboard and you can leave a comment if you think I'm right.

Video conference with Hawaii'n school

Today The extension students and Mrs Lagitupu had a video conference with Kea'au elementary school and Nanakuli Elementary school.  First we told them information about us and New Zealand like our native plants and animals also what we do and how we learn here at Pt England school. They told us about there school.

 The reason we did this was because the Hokule'a a double hulled canoe is arriving at our local reserve Pt England reserve they are coming from Hawaii and we wanted to learn about Hawaii and the way they learn at there schools school. The voyages on the Hokule'a are using traditional navigation methods they will be arriving on the 24th of march

The first school we talked to was Nanakuli elementary, The way they learn there is all in Hawaiian language and they teach very little English and other language. At Kea'au Elementary because they are a public school they have so many children from different countries and speak different languages they do speak Hawaii along with English. We all got a opportunity to ask questions and to collaborate together.

Not so long ago A volcano had erupted in Hawaii and some of the children and there families had lived near the volcano. A lot of them had to relocate and live in different places because the lava was spreading closer and closer to there houses sometimes in the morning the ashes might just be in there front yard it would have been very scary for those families. I am very fascinated in Hawaii language and the way they learn I can't wait to learn more!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Visual Mihi

Here is my Visual Mihi I have drawn. They represent the thing I have in interest. The one on the top is my culture, The one with the purple background is a symbol of my family, The one on the bottom left corner represent netball, netball is my favourite sport. The last one is of me I took a photo of me then traced it.

Friday, 6 March 2015

My years through P.E.S

Here is a Image I have created of so far the years I have spent at Pt England school.  I don't have a photo of every year I have been at Pt England but I have tried.

Burgers Zeal zone

Last week we made Burgers they where so nice they tasted Delicious.


  1. Patties
  2. Buns
  3. Lettuce
  4. Cheese
  5. Avocado
  6. Tomato sauce
  7. Cucumber

First we cut and buttered The buns then we added our fillings. After that we placed the patties and sauce into the buns it tasted so yum did I meansien Burgers are one of my favourite food.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Writing recont

Here is my writing test that I did we had to do a recont about a specail time that we shared with our family.

The pilot had just announced that “We will be landing soon”. It was the first time I had ever gone to australia and I went there with my family we had gone to Brisbane and stayed in a hotel. They have lots of theme parks there. I couldn’t wait I was jumping with joy we had landed early in the morning. When we landed me and my sister could not wait to see the theme parks we wanted to ride all of the rides and try all of the australian cuisine. Did you know that australia has so many different rides? They have so many theme parks like wet and wild, Dreamworld I could go on for days.
 It was the next morning and me my mum, dad and sister went downstairs to the restaurant where we had breakfast. My sister and I where so eager to get on the rides but we had to wait till the afternoon. The time had come we traveled to the theme parks  I had to go to the Junior area cause I was to short for most of the rides my sister got to go on the scooby doo ride that looked cool. We took heaps of photos to show the rest of the family. Night had fallen and It was time to go to bed because we needed lots of energy for tomorrow.

It was morning once again and today we went to the Zoo It was cool we saw lots of different animals. My favourite animal is an elephant, Panda and Monkeys. A Koala is one of the australian native animals along with the kangaroo. we got to take a photo of when my mum and I got to hold a koala . I got upset when I didn't get to hold it my mum said “That their nails dig into you and that they leave little scratches on you”. My dad and sister got to hold a real live snake I was worried that something bad might happen but the snake was calm and tamed so their was nothing to worry about.

We went to the theme parks one more time than It was time to head back home to new zealand. When we left the hotel for the final time we checked back if we left anything we didn’t find anything. So we grabbed our tickets and headed to the airport where we checked in and grabbed a little bite for the flight. I enjoyed our trip and I am looking forward to the next time we go.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Five facts about me

Here is a presentation telling you five facts about me. It tells you diffrent things that I like it also tells you things that I like to do. How well do you know me?

Miss peatos Birthday

It was the early morning of Tuesday the 24th of Feb. When the year sevens and eights at Pt england school had just finished their karakia and himine when Mr Wiseman (one of our teachers) Started to play the guitar he then went up to a door and kicked it for the waiting surprise to happen. All the other Team 5 teachers came out singing happy birthday for it was Miss Peato’s Birthday. They brang out a chocolate cake with candles on it. As she blew them out we all wished her a very happy birthday.