Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokuke'a recont

You have probably seen that in most of my posts I have been talking about the Hokule'a and talking about getting ready and what we have done. Well last week on Wednesday they had arrived in front of Pt England beach. The whole of the Manaiakalani school cluster was there too. The whole of Pt England school walked down but some of the other schools came on a bus because they are further away. Except two lucky students from our school Collin and Paige got to ride on the Hikianalia. I was one of the students that got to look after the little juniors and we were making sure that they are sitting down when they're told and to make sure that they crossed the roads right.

When we got there we sat on the grass with the other schools, and around the corner came Hikianalia. With Paige and Collin on the va a’a when they came we sang different waiata’s and people did speeches. The crew among the Hokulea and Hikianalia sang and said speeches too. One of the men aboard the va'a (Kalepa Baybayan) was one out of five people that knew how the sun and the star of gladness works.
Near the end we got to shake and high five the voyagers hands there were so many of them. When we shook their hands we said Aloha because most of them are Hawaiian. The Hikanilia and Hokule’a started in Hawaii then to Tahiti and Samoa,The Cook islands and more till they reached New Zealand. They had travelled the entire Pacific and some other countries too.

It was a very significant event  and I am so privileged to see and meet them I think that our school is a very lucky school and that we should really appreciate what we get and what people have done for us.

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