Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Commonwealth question and answers


1. What is commonwealth
Commonwealth is where countries get together and  play and compete in a friendly sport and competition.

2. Which countries are apart of this
The countries that compete are the ones that were once ruled by the Queen/king or some others that liked to join.

3. Where in the world are this countries
These countries are all around the world for example Europe, Asia, Africa and a lot more are apart in the commonwealth.

4. What do these countries have in common
One of the things that the countries have in common is that they were ruled by her majesty, the Queen.

Did you know?

Did you know that some people think that America shouldn't be in the commonwealth because they are and were never ruled by the Queen or king of Britain.

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  2. Hi Ariana, Sorry that is the wrong Comment up top.
    That is so amazing. I like how you mentioned that Commonwealth is friendly. Did you know that some people think that America participates in the Commonwealth but actually Its the Americas. That is great Ariana, Nice Work. Keep It up!!!