Monday, 18 November 2013

Te IKA a Maui (The fish of Maui)By Paige and me


HOPE YOU ENJOY:} :) :D B-) :-$ :D<3

Friday, 15 November 2013

Year 6 camp

The year six kids are going to Camp benson for their year six camp thier gonna have so much fun.Thier going abesaling,kayiaking,swimming and their going to play vollyball and soccer on Kawaw island.Theirs lot's of little birds and cool flowers on the island so becareful were you step and put your food.The teachers keep telling us that the food is so good I hope their not liening caued next year I wanna go.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A girl live’s on a farm with,her dad brought Fifteen hundred sheep over for the october. They have great dogs they can control a mob of sheep just by staring at them,as well as horses they help the dogs. They put the sheep into the shed overnight for them to get their wool cleaned for the morning. waking up I just remembered  that we had to do the sheep. Now it’s time to go to the shed and help do rousie. She helped to put the wool on the table to sort out the clean and dirty wool. The air get’s hot and stuffy and it get’s a bit smelly thiers oil dripping and your clothes start to itch. Then it’s done it’s all quite now their just the sound of baaing of the sheep in the paddock.Away goes the wool it feels good to see all our hard work made into a neat ball of wool.

There was a Wisper but no one was there???

We had to write our Writing test It had to be about a wispier but no one was there. I wanted mine to be like a movie.This was hard I tried to give lot's of detail but with less paragraphs.

In 1956 there was a strange sound going around into people's homes killing everything they loved and cherished.

Ella I’m at your door now cried out a mysterious voice who is it watch out I know karate. There was a mysterious voice lurking around her farm calling out watch your back and look after your cow’s. Until One day as the cookie shaped moon rose from out behind the tree tops.

Ella heard a sound a weird sound that reminded her of when she was a baby It went a bit like. there's a sound that no one’s heard there's a sound of chirping bird but if you listen you can hear that sound of a lovely moose. tears rolled down her face her parent’s have past away in a car crash her mother used to sing that to her when she was little girl.

The sun rose and the birds started singing their morning songs. Ella woke up bright and early at five o'clock She went outside to feed the cow’s. When she found that her cow’s have died her bucket fell to the ground and bucket’s full of water came bursting out of her eye’s. She dialled 911. They raced over here to figure out what happened.

They took year’s to find out what has happened by the time they figured out what happened Ella has past away. Ella was only ten when her cow’s died her parent’s took care of her well she had to look after the farm all by herself.They figured out that the mysterious voice was Mr Wickom he murder a lot of people and animals the police throw him in Jail for life he has never been seen again.       

Friday, 1 November 2013

Show not Tell (Halloween)

W.A.L.T: Show not tell when writing paragraphs.

We had to write less paragraphs but with heaps of detail in them,our teacher Mr Somerville told us that the best story's doesn't need lot's of paragraphs.

As the creature’s rise from their graves people hand out sweet delicious goodie’s to satisfied their taste bud's. I created vampire's,Ghost and little flying fairy's to scatter along my House and to find more creature's. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's the sound of little lollies taker's running to our house for more sweets. As soon as we saw those little thief's we screamed cause they where so adorable. They had face paint on and amazing costume's my mum was so socked that there were still people out their that made effort. One monster in particular screamed out were kid's and put his bag right in front of the lollies he tried to sneak lollies but their mother slapped his hand away. When they skip away that monster again said thanks mummy and we all started laughing that day was cool even though we didn't go trickier treating we still had fun even my sister Brooklyn.