Friday, 12 December 2014

This is my final blogpost of the year.
I would like to give a big thanks to all my teachers and people who have commented and leaved feedback on my blog. Merry christmas and a happy new year to all. I hope I will get to publish more and entertain you next year.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Merry christmas

Today at school my class were doing diamante poems. Here is mine It is about christmas. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment or feedback.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Recycled ladybug

Here I have a presentation  that shows the step by step instructions of showing how to make a ladybug. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment and feed back.

Holiday poster

Here is a poster I made to persuade people to do this in the holidays. Our task was to find something to make the audience like our poster had to be very creative and make it look original. I hope you were persuaded.

WALT: summarise and combine information from across multiple texts.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Sustainability. What do you think sustainability is? Well  Sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainability upholds the three sustainably things that make the world a happy place which are Economy,Environment and society. We can all do better at all of these things.

This movie is about protecting the environment and keeping the royal honey bees alive WHY? Well because they not only pollinate fruits but keep our trees and plants alive too. So stop using pesticides because they kill bees and if their were no more bees they couldn’t reproduce and our world will slowly die. .So if you see a be don’t kill it .This movie is called being a honey maker.

This movie is called if life was like the web. The meaning in this movie is if you won’t say to their face then don’t say it at all.

This movie is called Lost paradise. Students at Pt England school made this movie and won for the tagata Pacifica award. It is about  caring for the islands and how global warming can affect the world. So I totally recommend this movie and all of the rest if you want to learn what sustainability.

Remember that if you want the world to survive then reduce your power, be kind to others, don't kill wildlife and don't litter.

Monday, 1 December 2014

camp bentzon recount

This is a recount about when I went to camp bentzon on kawau island.

The day had arrived, the day where the year 6’s at Pt england school left for camp. We all had to be at school before 7 o'clock because the bus left at 7:30. When we got to school we all had to be in our team lines there were 8 groups there was Bentzon A, Bentzon B, Mansion A, Mansion B, Kawau A, Kawau B, Katz A, Katz B. I was one of the leaders with Cyrus in Kawau A.

After we got off the bus we headed to the fairy that awaited us. We had to load all our gear on then we set sail. When we got their we were greeted with lot of little wild life. There were lot’s of  ducks, weka’s and the camp site pet peaks she is a paradise bird. Why is she could peaks well because she always peeks your feet.

My favourite Activity was kayaking because I love being near the sea and I got to learn how to get back in the kayak if we had capsized. I was the fastest so I won my team five points as well as cyrus.

On our last night (Thursday) we  had a camp concert. Where all the teams got to perform an item it could be an dance or sing a song or anything creative to win. All of the teams did a dance we did our we made a song up the tune we had was thrift shop it went like this. We at this awesome camp because we paid  95 dollars it was expensive but it was worth it cause were gonna win it. We ended up coming third place out of the four teams.

The camp was so fun I would totally recommend it to the year fives when their a year six last year.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wildlife on kawau island

This is a presentation about the wildlife on kawau island but WHY kawau island, well 'Ill tell you. It's because we went on a camp on kawau island and there was so much animals. Since I'm in new zealand if your from another country you might see and learn a new animal. If like different and interesting animals then you should watch this.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Radio carbon fried chicken!! (yum?)

Warning for Vegetarians
KFC!!, don't you just love KFC are you one of those people that like getting right down to the bone. Well did you know that in Pre columbian times that Archaeologist used Radiocarbon dating to find out wither Polynesians brought chickens to south America or wore they native to south america? Well were on the note PVS stands for polynesian voyaging society and they are the best navigators in the world maritime history. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Robocup competition

Here is a goggle drawing of my poster for the Robocup competition. My literacy group are learning about robots, codes and making apps. We have read a journal about a group of kids that have made a robot themselves. I hope you enjoy and check out what amazing stuff comes out of computer science.


Here is a picture I have made to show the things required or the things in the making in the process of a Robot. My literacy group ( the keas) have read a journal called Robo Cup and have learnt some new words here are just some of the words we learnt.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Brochure - Te Ana Ngai Thau rock center

This is a presintation about Te Ana Ngai Thau rock center and there historical rock art. I lerant a lot about moari art and what they saw. Enjoy!!

Being a good friend( writing test)

WALT: explain to your reader what being a good friend means

A good friend. How to be a good friend? Friends are one of the things that come in handy when things go wrong or when you just want someone to talk to. That’s why we need to be nice and take care of them. Because they can be the key to happiness. For me being a good friend is to show them with the same respect that they show me.

In almost every friendship friends fall out with each other and disagree. When that happens you either need to fix the bond that has been broken or find other friends. It’s always nice to have lot’s of friends because you will never get bored but on the down side you will never get peace and quiet. So choose wiseley don’t just make friends with someone who you think is going to do your homework. Choose a friend who will be there whenever you're feeling down.

How to meet a friend that is one of the hardest things we can do because you never know what will happen. An easy way is to start with a simple “hello” then ask them questions like what sports do like, what's their favourite colour. Then choose if their the right friend for you. Usually you will choose someone who likes the same interest in you.

Ways of showing respect to a friend is to say thank you and please. Some other ways are to help them out whenever they need it. These are thing you can do not only with friends but with family and teachers. It’ always nice when you help people out of the kindness of your heart and maybe in the future something good might happen.

I hope you have learnt something and will treat your friends with what I taught you. If you're making a friend don’t be afraid go for it .Remember not all friends come and go so treasure them.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Reading maps

This is a presintation about reading maps. We were learning about the key and the compass. We had to use the polyline tool and colour in the places we were supoost to colur in. It was both a new skill and fun I had lot's of fun with this project.

Friday, 17 October 2014

A chords

Here is the link to me playing the A chord and A 7 chord. If you wanna watch it you can just copy it into the link tab and watch it. Hope you enjoy!!

Being Fit

Did you know that your body is an amazing machine? It just needs to be used everyday to keep it well.

Exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Fitness means having the energy to work, play and do all the thing you want to do easily. Your body can not store fitness so you need to exercise regular to stay fit.

Exercise makes you feel and look better, it keeps your body a healthy weight. It helps you relax and sleep better and when you exercise your body produces chemicals called endorphins which go to your brain and make you feel better.

Exercise for strength makes your muscles stronger so you can work different parts of your body with out feeling weak. Exercise for stamina makes your heart and lungs stronger and helps blood float easily around your body. Stamina is the ability to exercise for longer without being tired or out of breath.

So you need to move it!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014


In extension we have been learning about
symbolism and what represents us and our families. First Mrs tele'a gave us a pice of paper with symbols on them and we had to guess what they were. Some of the symbols were Dream works, coke and Dell. Then we all got in a pair of two and shared something that was importent to our families. I paired up with my good friend Khaia.  She told me that her culture was really impotent to her and her family and mine was  cook island dancing.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What are Capitals?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.

Have you ever wondered what Capital letters are? First the other name for Capitals are upper case the the smaller letters are called lower case. Another odd thing about them are that sometimes their a different size from the lower case like R to r, there are some that stay the same for example O to o, C to c.

Using Capitals letters are really simple there are so many ways to use them. You can use them in so many things but one way of using them are in Dates. For instance today is 15, October , 2014. In dates you can have capital letters in any language like Chinese, Cook island and even Indian. Not only in different countries but for special events like Christmas, Holidays and much more.      

I I I how are we supposed to right an I. If  you were going to write a sentence like this “i went to school” you would be writing it wrong. This how you are supposed to write It “ I went to school ”.  Did you see the bit I changed? Another example is I’ve, I’ll, It in fact any word with a pronoun I in it.

Here I will show you how to write a Geographical place with a capital. (Geographical means a place in the world). For example I live in Glen Innes, Auckland New Zealand. Another example is California, L.A, U.S.A. You can even use Capitals for the seven contents like Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

Last but not least Names, Now for names every time you spell someones name don’t forget to Spell it with a Capital. For instance my name is Ariana and my friends are Brooklyn, Khaia and Marilyn. Another example is, My teachers are Mrs Garden, Mrs Jacobson, Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin.

If you want your audience to understand your writing then don’t forget to use Capitals!!!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Election billboard

Here is my election billboard I have made.
This week the extension class and I have been looking and seeing what the elections really are. Here I am as a MMP (Member mixed proportions).

Get ready for it

Thats right Its the holidays and you know what that means no more school Yaaay!! The holidays is a time of year where you don't get to got to school or work. Where you can relax and unwind. Their are so many types of holidays there's the public holidays where we celebrate the queens birthday but my personal favorite is the Christmas holidays because its four weeks longer and because It’s a time to celebrate not only a soon to be new year but also a time where we celebrate the birth of jesus.

The holidays are going to be so much fun. What are you going to do for the holidays? Well I’ll tell you what I’m going to do or should I say go yeah thats right im going to australia the country where it is well known for it’s heat, It’s out back it’s animals and it’s beautiful beaches. Why am I going you ask? Well I’m going to see my whanau I’m going to go with my sister and nana.

Were going to were lots of sun block because we don't want to get burnt in the sun or at the beach. I know that its the holidays but we still need to learn new things. So here is some sand facts did you know that sand is a loose granular substance. Another interesting facts is that sandy soils are excellent for growing watermelon,peaches and peanuts. It’s the last day of school for me and I can’t wait for the holidays!!!


This is a presitation about a superfood named breadfruit I have collected information and graphics to show and tell you all about bread fruit. If you would like to see it just press the start botton on the bottom left of the presintation. ENJOY!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Are we responsibly ( News article)

WALT: Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

                                                  Are They Responsible?
Pt England School

Here in the heart of Auckland at  Pt England School students have chromebooks that they use for learning. Some kids even take them home.

They learn on line. They have a whole range of digital tools and apps which they use to create cool things. Some of the apps  are google docs, gmail and blogger. They mainly use blogger to share their learning.

Marilyn a Pt England student and a Chromebook user says “That we take them home to learn more”. When they take it home they not only use it to learn after school but in the weekends and in the holidays. They don't just take it home to learn but its a good way for their parents to see what they are learning. Mrs Garden one of the team leaders at Pt england school has said that using Chromebooks has most definitely improved the kids learning more than normal pencil and paper.  

What do they do on their chromebooks you are asking? Well they often create a digital movie or animation to explain what they have been learning. Having their own access to the internet means they don't have to wait or wonder what to do next; they can follow their own learning pathway most of the time.

It won't be long until all students in
New Zealand have one of their own.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Storyline's festival

Lately I have gone to the story line festival with the extension group. You will properly think that it has to do with stories and books you are right, while we were there we saw four amazing NZ authors. First was Catherine mayo then Julliette MacIver after her was Jill macgregor and last but not least was Paula green. Where did we go you ask well we went to the Auckland Vodafone event centre. 

The stand outs for me was Juliet because she was funny,weird and quirky. The type of books she writes are children's she told us that she loved mixing words together. She has written a three book series called Marmaduke duck.

Another stand out was Paula green I liked her because she does some really good books. She loves to rhyme. She told us that when she was little she loved Dr sues books. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Pt England uniform upgrade news article

                                         Uniform Upgrade

Pt England School

The year seven and eights are wearing different school uniform to the juniors so they can distinguish them from all the juniors.

Some years ago some of the year sevens and eight got to pick what they wanted the jackets to look like. Mrs Flavell the minister of the uniform says that 98% of the intermediate children have a school jacket. They have also done a poll amongst them. They knew the colours they had to stick with wore black and red.    

Why do the year seven and eight get to wear different school uniform? We have asked one of the schools staff about what they think about this change. She has told us that it is “to distinguish the senior children from everybody else.”

A black zip that runs down the middle, with a red Pt England logo embossed on the top side and you can not forget the long black sleeves that make it a jacket.That is what the $55.0 jacket looks like. For the girls there is culottes. There's also a black bucket hat for both genders.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write my own article.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Commonwealth to Birthday party

The extension group and I were learning about how to host the commonwealth games when Mrs tele 'a unexpectedly called us down to to the mat and said we had to plan a 5th year old kids birthday party. I personally thought that this was going to be fun. Some of us thought that she was a bit crazy. This was all about hosting from  the commonwealth games to a birthday party.

This is me and my team with for plan for the birthday party

Nz authors

Here below is some facts and information I have collected about two authors named Katherine mayo and Paula green.

Katherine mayo

1. Was once an American researcher
2. Her best known work was called Mother india in 1927
3. She has written over 10 books
4. Her first book was Justice to all
5. Writes historical fiction

Paula green

1. She is a poet
2. Was awarded the university of Auckland literacy fellowship in 2005
3. In 2008 she has began a series of children's book called “the strange days”
4. Paula green has written five collections of poetry
5. Her first collection was cook house in 1997

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The president vocabulary

This is a screen shot about the definition of some words you will see that on the left there is a column that tells you what this things are. I have also done some definition of some of these words.

The President

The President


1) Is this a true story? How do you know?
This is a true because it says in the story “ This true story was told to Author Alan Bagnall.

2) Why are the children in the story allowed to go to school?
  Because their father has an important job in the government

3) Who is helping the family escape?
   Dad’s friend

4) Why can’t they trust anyone to help them?
    because if they told someone they can turn them in and they will get punishst

5) What is one reason that the family likes living in New Zealand?
     There is no fear of the president, no war here no fear.

6) How long did the family spend in the Refugee camp?
   two years

7) What language is the mother learning?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Diamentie poem War

Here below is a presentation of the war I have put it in a diamante poem. Do you know what a diamond poem is? Well why don't you see my one I made about the war to find out.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Kenya Quiz

Here I have published a presentation that I have made to show you some things I know about Kenya. I have made some questions and on the last slide there is the link to the Answers. Enjoy!!! 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Let the games begain

Netball is a game where you have eight or nine players and the aim is to get the ball from the center down through the goal and to get more points than the other team. Do you know how netball was invented? It all started in 1891 by a man named James Naismith he invented mens basketball in 1890 and was asked if he could invent a womans form.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Arianas Advice Blog

This here is a presintation of my Advice Blog. Its were kids with disabelities want to play sports but dont know how so I give them my best advice.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Its the 22nd of July and Its my dads Birthday. Its a very specail day for him because Its not only the day he gets presents and cake. Its also the day he was born, He lives in Australia and my nana will be going over to see him and to give him my sister and my present to him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

Commonwealth question and answers


1. What is commonwealth
Commonwealth is where countries get together and  play and compete in a friendly sport and competition.

2. Which countries are apart of this
The countries that compete are the ones that were once ruled by the Queen/king or some others that liked to join.

3. Where in the world are this countries
These countries are all around the world for example Europe, Asia, Africa and a lot more are apart in the commonwealth.

4. What do these countries have in common
One of the things that the countries have in common is that they were ruled by her majesty, the Queen.

Did you know?

Did you know that some people think that America shouldn't be in the commonwealth because they are and were never ruled by the Queen or king of Britain.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.25.29 PM.png

Commonwealth games

How did the Commonwealth games begin?
The common wealth games all started as a club called the commonwealth of nations.

Why are some countries in the world part of the Commonwealth?
The countries that are in the commonwealth games were the countries that were ruled by her majesty, the Queen.

What is special about the Commonwealth games?
Something special about the common wealth game is they let any body with disabilities to enter and attend the game.

How many years ago was the first games, how often are they?
The first ever commonwealth game was held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. The commonwealth games are ever four years. It started 84 years ago.

Why are they called the ‘Friendly games?
Their called “ Friendly games” because  each country is treated equally. Their called “ Friendly games” because  each country is treated equally.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Puppy's and Kittens (Part 4) The end


Lucy, Rover and Diana have just finished their lunch . Their gone out side of the pet shop and don't know were to go first so Diana said I will show you since I have been outside a lot of my life.


Diana said lets go to the mall. Lucy and Diana were so excited but Rover wasn't he just tagged along anyway. First they went to the French Pineapple store were all the expensive dresses were. Then Jasmine were all the expensive Perfumes were. last but not least M&V were all the expensive shoes and Jeweller were. Rover brought nothing until they come across Animal food store and he saw the most juicy and most tender piece of steak that he had ever seen. He run strait to it and brought it right away. Know that all of them brought something they headed back to the Pet store.

It was Friday so their was a disco going on ( you would know this is you read part1) . The band was playing loud enough that The three best friends Lucy, Rover and Diana could sneak in with out any one noticing. They part all night and at six am in the morning they snack back in to their cages so that the shop keepers and costumes wouldn't notice. They did this every friday and lived happily ever After.

                                                               The End


It is officially the holidays, I am excited and sad because I really enjoy school. I really like these holidays because their is no more work and because my family and I are heading down to Christchurch. Were going to visit my uncle who lives in Australia he came down for his work and I hear they only let the best come to New Zealand. While were down  their were going to have a look at some of the famous Attractions and much more. I hope we get to see some of the building that fell down .How are we going to get their you might ask? Well we will be travelling in a aeroplane. It will be freezing down their so I have to pack lots of warm clothes. Did you know that in the south island it can go down to -2? Brrrr that will be so cold. I'm getting chills just thinking about. The down side is that my sister has just got a cold and if she still has it when we go down to the south island she could get worse. If she is still sick one the day we  leave to Christchurch then we might not be going. The upside is that I have just got read of my flu and I will be fine to go down to the south island.

                                             I HOPE WE GET TO GO

Friday, 4 July 2014

Superhero capture 1

It all started in lakeline city were just a Average kid named Altin james was walking to school when he passed a shop that he had never seen before he .It was a costume shop. He had walked that same way every single week day. He had a look inside to check it out he was looking  at a green cape, when the shopkeeper said that it was a magic cape it will help with anything and everything. Altin brought the cape, he need all the help and luck for his spelling bee. After he brought the cape he hurried down to school because he was late. After school he rushed down to The Gym were the Spelling bee was being hold. He got their just in time to chuck his cape on underneath his jacket he was very nervous and excited both at the same time. It started, Altin was trying to remember what the shopkeeper said the shopkeeper said something like it will help you with everything and anything and at that same time he said it out loud and everybody was staring at him. He felt nervous and embarrassed.

At the end of the comp he didn’t win so at the end of school he went back to the shop where he brought the cape but the shop was no where to be seen. He spotted the shop keeper and asked him where the shop was. The shopkeeper said have a nice day and walked away. Altin still followed him and told him that he wanted to return the cape. The shopkeeper still ignored him. So Altin gave up and trudge home in anger and sadness. When he reached his house he chucked his back on the floor and run up to his bedroom to do the rest of his home work and also throw his cape in the bin.

Altin was sleeping now and he totally forgot about the cape and the horrible day he just had. The cape was still in the bin. when it started glowing and jumping around. Atin was still sleeping when the cape started flying and jumping around, it flew into the Kitchen and got out  the milk then got out a class. The cape drop the first cup and then the second but lucky he caught the third. Altin woke up by the sound of smashing cups he thought it was a burglar so he grabbed his super dubber massive book about the life cycle of a butterfly dictionary and headed out to the Kitchen. As he did so he saw something green run past him he only saw a quick flash thats all then it was gone .He was so scared that he had a little accident and after the accident and a new pair of pants he went back to the kitchen.  Altin could feel something on his back he turned around to see what it was . It was the cape. As soon he saw it he felt power full already. He felt Magnificent, he felt invincible, he felt like a hero. Now he knew that it worked and that the shopkeeper was right.

To be continued.

Monday, 30 June 2014


Wish me good luck
It is the day before we get our reports and I am really excited I know, we will be getting them at te Teacher interview were our parents go to meet our teachers and our teachers tell them what we have been doing this term and what we need to inmprove on I wounder if I have been good and have done al my work? I think I have been good this term and hopefully the teachers think so too. The moto this week is to finish it off propley that means to finish off your work and to sort out everything that needs to be sorted.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Gutair show ( Parts of the Gutair)

Here is me and my friend Marilyn we will be showing you the parts of the Gutair.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


I am one of the seven Ambassadors. Which means I take part in meeting and greeting the visitors who come to our school. We talk to them about what and how we learn here at Pt England school. Our school is one of the schools in New zealand that are lucky enough to have chromebooks. Chrome books are so cool and fun. I think they're better because they help me learn better plus each year we don't have to keep buying stationary. It so fun being an Ambassador because you get to meet people from different parts of the country and sometimes from different countries. We speak in lots of different places like in our hall,the staff room, Tusitala room and once we even went to MIT. Being an Ambassador has really helped me with my confidence and to learn more about my school.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My mini book review

I am reading a book called The Keepers (museum of thieves) It's a Thrilling, tale of Action and Adventure. Written by Lian Tanner. Its all about a girl named Goldie Roth she lives in the city of jewel,where impatience is a sin and boldness is a crime.  Goldie is both of those things. She runs away and finds the mysterious Museum of Dunt and meets a boy named Todspit and discovers dangerous secrets. A monstrous Brizzelhound stalks the Museums corridors, and only a thief can find their way through the mysterious and strand shifting rooms.

Goldie and Todspit  both have a talent for thieving.Which is just as well,because the treacherous Fugelman has his own plot for the Museum- plans that threaten the lives of everyone Goldie loves and it will take a very bold thief to stop him.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Malawi DLO

Here is my movie I made about a little village in South Africa Called Malawi. The extension class and I have researched and found information about Malawi and made all of us made a movie about what we learned. Malawi has been looking up to the forty hour famine for about five years now. We have made menus done a survey and many other thing that you will find out about in my Movie.

 Don't forget to leave a comment!!!

Monday, 23 June 2014

In the weekend (batman)

In the weekend I thought I might dress up like a superhero. Who did I want to be I asked myself and It struck me I will be bat man. So I found a cape, got some pieces of paper and felts and then found a old Halloween mask, their I was I was a girl version of bat man.

Friday, 20 June 2014

M.A.L Titanic DLO

This is a DLO Lucy,Marilyn and I made to show the story of the titanic Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wanted Poster

This is a Poster of a wanted person named Kate barlow,she is oranginally of the movie HOLES.It is a really good movie you should watch it. Hope you enjoy and find her so that you can win your $110,4200,4 dollars.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The building of the titanic

This is a presintation of the building of the titanic. It talkes about why white star line neede to build it and why they built it. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Puppys and kittens (Part 3)

Rover and Lucy meet Diana the new Poodle and there about to smash all the fish bowls,dance with the turtles and kick box with the Lizards.


"Come on don't chicken out" says Diana. "Were not chickens" replied Lucy and Rover. Then they smashed all the fish bowls the big ones first and the small ones last, Then disco danced with the turtles and last but not least kicked box with the lizards. After all that they were so excited and wanted to do that again but their were no more fish or fish bowls, the turtles were too tired and the lizards were having there afternoon sleep.

So instead they got something to eat. when they were finished they didn't know what to do so they just sat on there beds thinking for something to do. When a thought struck them. they all stood up and Rover said how about we then Lucy said go out side and suddenly Diana said explore. So thats what they did they went out side of the pet shop and Lucy said were should we go first? Diana says I know the outside I can tell you were to go.  So then they went to........

stay tuned for part 4