Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Sustainability. What do you think sustainability is? Well  Sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainability upholds the three sustainably things that make the world a happy place which are Economy,Environment and society. We can all do better at all of these things.

This movie is about protecting the environment and keeping the royal honey bees alive WHY? Well because they not only pollinate fruits but keep our trees and plants alive too. So stop using pesticides because they kill bees and if their were no more bees they couldn’t reproduce and our world will slowly die. .So if you see a be don’t kill it .This movie is called being a honey maker.

This movie is called if life was like the web. The meaning in this movie is if you won’t say to their face then don’t say it at all.

This movie is called Lost paradise. Students at Pt England school made this movie and won for the tagata Pacifica award. It is about  caring for the islands and how global warming can affect the world. So I totally recommend this movie and all of the rest if you want to learn what sustainability.

Remember that if you want the world to survive then reduce your power, be kind to others, don't kill wildlife and don't litter.

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