Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Holiday

As you all probably already know its the holidays and how has my holidays been well why don't I tell you.

My holiday so far has been busy I've been to the Cook islands to see my family and when we came back to New Zealand we  then travelled up north to Parua bay to see some more of my family. When my mum, sister and I came back down to Auckland we brought our cousin Roimata along with us. While she was staying with us my cousin Sophia came over to visit . When Roimata went back up to Whangarei Sophia went up too.

My uncle, nana, sister and I arrived in Avarua the capital of Rarotonga at 10pm. My other uncle
(uncle Tagata) picked us up and dropped us off to our house that my papa and his friends built. The next day we caught up with our family. The day after that we went to Mitiaro where most of my family live. We were all greeted with flower ei's and lots of hugs and kisses. We  stayed in Mitiaro for a week, while we were in mitiaro we stayed there during Christmas. Me, my sister and our cousins went swimming in the cave pools, we mainly swam in Vai Nauri. For Christmas we had a disco at the town hall everybody was invited. When we left Mitiaro we went back to Rarotonga where we spent new years day. After another few days we flew back home to New zealand.

It was a sunny morning and my mum, sister and I were ready drive up to Whangarei. WHY should we go to Whangarei you ask? Well because my auntie, uncle and two cousin live up there and we wanted to spend some time and catch up with them. We spent more time with my cousin Roimata because her sister Te kerihi had started work. While we where there we went swimming a lot and hiked up this humongous mountain called Mt Manaia, we all had lots of fun. We spent five days up there.

  With four of us in the car ( Mum, sister, cousin Roimata and I ) we headed down to Auckland. When we got home we un packed and the went for a swim in our local beach Pt England. We went swimming almost everyday over there. Not long after we came home our other cousin came Sophia came over  to stay. A couple of times we went to Sylvia park and went for a little shop and a bite to eat we caught the train back home. One day we got dropped off in St heliers and we walked to Mission Bay. We packed some island donuts. We played on the park near the beach where we got hot and sweaty. Did I mention that It was my sisters birthday she turned fourteen. She invited over her friends and we all went swimming at Panmure pools. Early in the morning my mum, cousin and I went to the two dollar shop to buy decoration for my sisters birthday. we got streamers and balloons we set up the decorations outside while my sister was sleeping. When she woke up she was surprised was wondering when we did this. We had a feast for breakfast and later on that day we watched a  movie. My uncle came and it was time to say goodbye to my cousins because they were going back up north.