Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Picnic reflection 2016

This year our picnic was a bit different we usually have picnic in term one but because of the weather it got moved to term four. So when I arrived at school  I was ready to go down to the beach and chill and maybe even play in the sand with my friends. Mr Burt then called all of the school into the hall for reminders and a quick talk about responsibility. Our class was called first to start walking down to the beautiful pt England reserve just across from our school. Other classes came following after.

When we got to the reserve we sat down again for another talk and then Off we all went. Every team had their own setting area our team were sitting under the trees near the cliff off onto the beach. Most people went down to the beach to play in the sand and find some crabs in the water. The water was quite out so we had to wait until later on to go swimming. I went down to look for some crabs I kept getting the biggest crabs, my friends called my the crab whisperer. I then sat down on the sand just playing with my friends trying to bury them in sand.

After a while I got bored so me and my friend Lucy went for a walk down the beach and started playing with the clay I had a whole handful of clay and made a circle. We walked back down to where we were sitting before. We sat up under the trees. I started eating and Lucy went to sleep. I just started talking to my friend Htete Htete and Quinlan we ate heaps of lollies and chocolate. I then went back down on the sand and played around again. I came back up later when all of our class was eating hot chips. Our teacher Mrs Tele’a shouted our whole class hot chips and drinks. It was also Cameo’s birthday and her friend Heather made a cookies and cream cheesecake for her. I thought that was so nice.  

Later on we had to leave so we all sat back down in the middle of the reserve and while waiting for everyone to come we had a karaoke. It was so funny some boys were funny when they were singing. Overall it was so fun I wish I could go back to that day or just have a picnic every Friday.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Extension reflection

Extension 2016, This year in extension has gone by really fast. I have learnt so many new things and had fun at the same time. Some highlights from this year have been participating in the 40 hour famine and going to Q theater to watch some movies and documentaries. I felt I have pushed myself especially in this last term to finish my work like working in my lunchtimes and out of class. Hopefully I have done well in my test and projects to get a good mark on my report.

This year we have done a lot of things. In term one we got into groups and made a mtv. Then in term two we focused our learning around art and making an piece of artwork around our story we wrote. In term three we learnt more about the Olympics and made a movie about it. Lastly in term 4 we learnt about the water cycle and the three states of matter and created a movie on our understanding in these topics. Next year I won't be in extension again because I will have started college but I wish all the year 7’s good luck for the upcoming year.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ext practise writing test

Here is my practise writing test I did in extension. I worked on my story then shared it with my buddy to check and edit so the words highlighted in blue are the edit's my friend Lucy made. She also shared her work with me and I helped edit it too. My planning is also down below along with my story.



- kidnaped by clown

Things that I changed
                                        Dad’s gone wild

“Daaaad come on I have to go to school!”moaned Rosie. “Hold on Rosie I’m just feeding the chickens” replied her Dad. Rosie and her Dad James both lived on a farm far from her school and being an only child she got lonely sometimes. They had finally arrived at school where she met tons of girls gossiping about the killer clowns. “Good thing their only in the countryside” she heard one girl saying. Rosie was curious but knew she had to stay focused on her school work.

Her dad came to pick her up after school and she noticed he was acting a bit strange. When they got home he told her to do some homework (Rosie didn’t really like doing homework.)  So with a angry look on her face she walked over to her room and started reading she got a bit bored after a while so she thought she would go and play in the massive field they owned on the farm.

She walked into the paddock of horses and saw a mysterious man standing behind a tree. Rosie froze in shock she didn’t know what to do, she slowly walked back to her house and right then that man started chasing her! While running in fear she turned around and noticed that he was wearing a mask and looked like a clown (She didn’t like clowns). She Yelled out for her dad but no one replied. She ran into her house and called out again but still no reply. She got her phone and ran into her room. She locked her door and dialled the police but...... she didn’t have any credit. She then went online to see if she could post about and get help but.... there was no Wifi either. She sat in her room in fear while the clown tried to break in.

“Come on don’t be scared” replied a voice coming outside her door. But Rosie was scared she thought she was gonna die and then BANG! The door opened Rosie started crying but then the scary clown took of his mask and Rosie saw that it was just her dad and Rosie started laughing and so did her dad. “Are you alright Rosie?” asked her dad “Yeah but you gave me a big fright I thought I was gonna die” Rosie's dad James heard about the killer clowns and thought that he might scare Rosie just as a prank. Rosie found it kind of funny but still hates clowns.

By Ariana

Ext movie SOM and Water cycle

Here is my movie about the states of matter and the water cycle. I did this in extension, I explained the different stages of the water cycle and drew animation to go in it. I also talked about the three states of matter which is Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Word problems

Here is my maths work for the week.  I learnt to partion my fraction and use decimals.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Not long ago we went to Sylvia park for the Maniakalni film festival we saw heaps of movies not only our school but from other schools in our area too. Each year we have this thing called the Maniakalani film festival were each class in the Maniakalani schools get to make a movie about ever they want and share it with every from our schools. I enjoyed it and it was fun to be in the movie. This was the last ever Maniakalni film festival I would go ever for pt england school.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Fair testing Tukituki river

Here is what me and my friend Lucy worked on it's about the Tukituki river and fair testing.