Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Extension reflection

Extension 2016, This year in extension has gone by really fast. I have learnt so many new things and had fun at the same time. Some highlights from this year have been participating in the 40 hour famine and going to Q theater to watch some movies and documentaries. I felt I have pushed myself especially in this last term to finish my work like working in my lunchtimes and out of class. Hopefully I have done well in my test and projects to get a good mark on my report.

This year we have done a lot of things. In term one we got into groups and made a mtv. Then in term two we focused our learning around art and making an piece of artwork around our story we wrote. In term three we learnt more about the Olympics and made a movie about it. Lastly in term 4 we learnt about the water cycle and the three states of matter and created a movie on our understanding in these topics. Next year I won't be in extension again because I will have started college but I wish all the year 7’s good luck for the upcoming year.

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