Monday, 28 July 2014

Arianas Advice Blog

This here is a presintation of my Advice Blog. Its were kids with disabelities want to play sports but dont know how so I give them my best advice.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Its the 22nd of July and Its my dads Birthday. Its a very specail day for him because Its not only the day he gets presents and cake. Its also the day he was born, He lives in Australia and my nana will be going over to see him and to give him my sister and my present to him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

Commonwealth question and answers


1. What is commonwealth
Commonwealth is where countries get together and  play and compete in a friendly sport and competition.

2. Which countries are apart of this
The countries that compete are the ones that were once ruled by the Queen/king or some others that liked to join.

3. Where in the world are this countries
These countries are all around the world for example Europe, Asia, Africa and a lot more are apart in the commonwealth.

4. What do these countries have in common
One of the things that the countries have in common is that they were ruled by her majesty, the Queen.

Did you know?

Did you know that some people think that America shouldn't be in the commonwealth because they are and were never ruled by the Queen or king of Britain.

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Commonwealth games

How did the Commonwealth games begin?
The common wealth games all started as a club called the commonwealth of nations.

Why are some countries in the world part of the Commonwealth?
The countries that are in the commonwealth games were the countries that were ruled by her majesty, the Queen.

What is special about the Commonwealth games?
Something special about the common wealth game is they let any body with disabilities to enter and attend the game.

How many years ago was the first games, how often are they?
The first ever commonwealth game was held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. The commonwealth games are ever four years. It started 84 years ago.

Why are they called the ‘Friendly games?
Their called “ Friendly games” because  each country is treated equally. Their called “ Friendly games” because  each country is treated equally.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Puppy's and Kittens (Part 4) The end


Lucy, Rover and Diana have just finished their lunch . Their gone out side of the pet shop and don't know were to go first so Diana said I will show you since I have been outside a lot of my life.


Diana said lets go to the mall. Lucy and Diana were so excited but Rover wasn't he just tagged along anyway. First they went to the French Pineapple store were all the expensive dresses were. Then Jasmine were all the expensive Perfumes were. last but not least M&V were all the expensive shoes and Jeweller were. Rover brought nothing until they come across Animal food store and he saw the most juicy and most tender piece of steak that he had ever seen. He run strait to it and brought it right away. Know that all of them brought something they headed back to the Pet store.

It was Friday so their was a disco going on ( you would know this is you read part1) . The band was playing loud enough that The three best friends Lucy, Rover and Diana could sneak in with out any one noticing. They part all night and at six am in the morning they snack back in to their cages so that the shop keepers and costumes wouldn't notice. They did this every friday and lived happily ever After.

                                                               The End


It is officially the holidays, I am excited and sad because I really enjoy school. I really like these holidays because their is no more work and because my family and I are heading down to Christchurch. Were going to visit my uncle who lives in Australia he came down for his work and I hear they only let the best come to New Zealand. While were down  their were going to have a look at some of the famous Attractions and much more. I hope we get to see some of the building that fell down .How are we going to get their you might ask? Well we will be travelling in a aeroplane. It will be freezing down their so I have to pack lots of warm clothes. Did you know that in the south island it can go down to -2? Brrrr that will be so cold. I'm getting chills just thinking about. The down side is that my sister has just got a cold and if she still has it when we go down to the south island she could get worse. If she is still sick one the day we  leave to Christchurch then we might not be going. The upside is that I have just got read of my flu and I will be fine to go down to the south island.

                                             I HOPE WE GET TO GO

Friday, 4 July 2014

Superhero capture 1

It all started in lakeline city were just a Average kid named Altin james was walking to school when he passed a shop that he had never seen before he .It was a costume shop. He had walked that same way every single week day. He had a look inside to check it out he was looking  at a green cape, when the shopkeeper said that it was a magic cape it will help with anything and everything. Altin brought the cape, he need all the help and luck for his spelling bee. After he brought the cape he hurried down to school because he was late. After school he rushed down to The Gym were the Spelling bee was being hold. He got their just in time to chuck his cape on underneath his jacket he was very nervous and excited both at the same time. It started, Altin was trying to remember what the shopkeeper said the shopkeeper said something like it will help you with everything and anything and at that same time he said it out loud and everybody was staring at him. He felt nervous and embarrassed.

At the end of the comp he didn’t win so at the end of school he went back to the shop where he brought the cape but the shop was no where to be seen. He spotted the shop keeper and asked him where the shop was. The shopkeeper said have a nice day and walked away. Altin still followed him and told him that he wanted to return the cape. The shopkeeper still ignored him. So Altin gave up and trudge home in anger and sadness. When he reached his house he chucked his back on the floor and run up to his bedroom to do the rest of his home work and also throw his cape in the bin.

Altin was sleeping now and he totally forgot about the cape and the horrible day he just had. The cape was still in the bin. when it started glowing and jumping around. Atin was still sleeping when the cape started flying and jumping around, it flew into the Kitchen and got out  the milk then got out a class. The cape drop the first cup and then the second but lucky he caught the third. Altin woke up by the sound of smashing cups he thought it was a burglar so he grabbed his super dubber massive book about the life cycle of a butterfly dictionary and headed out to the Kitchen. As he did so he saw something green run past him he only saw a quick flash thats all then it was gone .He was so scared that he had a little accident and after the accident and a new pair of pants he went back to the kitchen.  Altin could feel something on his back he turned around to see what it was . It was the cape. As soon he saw it he felt power full already. He felt Magnificent, he felt invincible, he felt like a hero. Now he knew that it worked and that the shopkeeper was right.

To be continued.