Sunday, 28 April 2013


Our school is having its 60th Anniversary next week. We are celebrating by doing a performance we call Fiafia. We all have been practising very hard for at least a month It's awesome and cool all at the same time.Its Every 2 years and my family came in to see me I also get to see my friends perform in there groups too.

I'm in the Kapa Haka group I like it because we get to sing songs and dance its really fun, my tutor is Whea Sophie.
I can’t wait because fiafia night is going to happen outside under the stars and we will be performing in front of tons of people.

Just before we went on we all had our moko drawn on our face with markers and we got dreesed into our piwpiws and dress. We got a feather placed in our hair while all the boys were practsing there haka we all had one last practise all together before we went on. 

Nervously walking up the steps of the stage chillis bounced up and down my spine. On I went I could hear pepole chearing and shouting in the crowd. The first song began, As I started the first action there were flashing lights from the cameras in the crowd.

Overall it wasn't so bad I did it and I think I was able to pull off the pukana. Walking down the steps I felt relived that I finished it. But I also felt like staying up on the stage and performing again.

Thanks to the all teachers,helpers,parents,family and Whea Sophie for making FiaFia night a great night for all of us.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Catching Eels

We have been reading an article about how to catch eels with a hinaki. This is a net made of wire netting that traps the eel inside. Here is a diagram to show you how it works
This is a diagram of the hinaki and how the eels get in.