Tuesday, 5 November 2013


A girl live’s on a farm with,her dad brought Fifteen hundred sheep over for the october. They have great dogs they can control a mob of sheep just by staring at them,as well as horses they help the dogs. They put the sheep into the shed overnight for them to get their wool cleaned for the morning. waking up I just remembered  that we had to do the sheep. Now it’s time to go to the shed and help do rousie. She helped to put the wool on the table to sort out the clean and dirty wool. The air get’s hot and stuffy and it get’s a bit smelly thiers oil dripping and your clothes start to itch. Then it’s done it’s all quite now their just the sound of baaing of the sheep in the paddock.Away goes the wool it feels good to see all our hard work made into a neat ball of wool.


  1. Hi Arianna! My name is Hilary Thames and I am a student at the University of South Alabama! I really enjoyed reading your post about sheep! I am guessing that you are the little girl? It sounds like doing this type of job is fun, but also a lot of work! Thank you for sharing, and keep up the good work! (:

  2. Thank's Hilary sorry to say but I am not the little girl I just had to retall a story in my own words they didn't tell us her name so I put a little girl