Friday, 1 November 2013

Show not Tell (Halloween)

W.A.L.T: Show not tell when writing paragraphs.

We had to write less paragraphs but with heaps of detail in them,our teacher Mr Somerville told us that the best story's doesn't need lot's of paragraphs.

As the creature’s rise from their graves people hand out sweet delicious goodie’s to satisfied their taste bud's. I created vampire's,Ghost and little flying fairy's to scatter along my House and to find more creature's. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's the sound of little lollies taker's running to our house for more sweets. As soon as we saw those little thief's we screamed cause they where so adorable. They had face paint on and amazing costume's my mum was so socked that there were still people out their that made effort. One monster in particular screamed out were kid's and put his bag right in front of the lollies he tried to sneak lollies but their mother slapped his hand away. When they skip away that monster again said thanks mummy and we all started laughing that day was cool even though we didn't go trickier treating we still had fun even my sister Brooklyn.

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