Monday, 11 April 2016

Loaves and Fishes Review

Here is my book review I did on a book named Loaves and Fishes. It is also a story from the bible. This is my review so it is just on my point of view and my opinions. Maybe you can find this book at one of your local library.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Problem solving

Here is my maths for the week, I have done problem solving. I learnt how to use  fractions with whole numbers. This task really challenged me to think more. I also learnt how to use the pat unknown to solve these fractions.

Before Fiafia

Here at Pt england school we have our annual Fiafia, where all the students get into groups and learn a performance that they will share with the rest of the school and community. Their are heaps of groups from various cultures and countries. Like Samoan,Cook island dancing and
drumming,Bollywood,Asian,Hip Hop,,Circus Circus,Rock band that’s only some of them. We do this to celebrate all the diversity in our community.

I'm in the Cook island dance group. Were a mixed group with juniors and seniors. I'm only one of the two year eights in my group. We have been practising for 6 weeks now and I definitely think that our group has made a big improvement. We practise in the pavilion. One of the student's mother and father help tutor us along with Miss Nalder and Miss Peak.

We also work alongside the Cook island drumming group who will be playing live at the event. The cook island drums provide big loud beats for us to dance to. We will be performing in a blue pareu with a white t-shirt and a yellow ei.

Yesterday we had a rehearsal on the stage in the front of the school. We wore the last group to practise. When my group went on it was not like what we planned we weren't in the right order and the whole back of the stage was taken up by our drummers. So After the rehearsal was finished our group stayed behind to have one more practise and to sort out our lines.

So Please come to our Fiafia tonight at our school. Their will be heaps of food stalls to buy from. If you come down please bring a gold coin to support our school fundraisers.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Compare and Contrast

Here I have written and compared how my parents learnt at school to how I learn at school . I have written a conclusion to show you how I feel and think about our learning differences.

MTV for Extension

Here is a MTV me and my friends made in extension. we found a song which was My house and changed up the lyrics. Now our song is called Our School.We made a movie to go with our song. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Today in class we talked about Identity and what it means to know your I identity and what it's like to be unclear of your identity. The words written in black is for the side that we know our Identity. The Right side with the words written in purple is for when you are not sure or unclear of your Identity. Here are some of the words we came up with today in class.