Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mrs Telea's birthday

On The 16th of March it was Mrs Tele’a  Birthday she had waited 75 days from the beginning of the year she wanted to celebrate by having a samoan siva. Mrs tele’a had turned on some Samoan music and all of her literacy and home class got up and started dancing with her. Some of the other teachers joined in and were trying to imitate and learn. The way they were dancing was so energetic and at the end they were all puffed and out of breath.

Anzac memorial

25th of April is a very special day for New zealand and Australia because that was the day of Anzac and on the 24th of April was Poppy day. Poppy day and Anzac day is the day that the Soldiers from both countries went and fought for their countries and families. Did you know that people from the islands went too?, over 500 soldiers from the cook islands went.

photo.JPGAnzac stands for Australia. New zealand. Army. Corps. Anzac started in 1914 and went on for five years, It finished in 1919.

Ways people celebrate are by having a moment of silent or  having a memorial and at our school we had a memorial. we had a block of grass with 15 white crosses standing tall with names of soldiers from our area on it. Behind it is a Big Poppy with a soldier holding his dead friend in front. A memorial is like commemorating.

From this I am appreciative of the soldiers that have fought for us and it would have been emotional for the soldiers and their families at the time.

My thoughts and Felings

Here is a graphic organiser about our school memorial we had. We have a memorial outside our class, This was to appreciat and learn more about the ANZAC war. This presentation is to show some of the fellings I had. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Alphabet Multiplication

Here is an image of some of my maths work in class today we did Algebra, I worked it out in my maths book. I added some images and colours to make it interesting. I changed some words on the Images to maths if you know what the programme really is then please comment below and tell me.

Friday, 24 April 2015


Here is a Presentation to inform you about the stuff that happend on the 5th of may 1915. Enjoy

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Alphabet Multiplicarion

 Here is my Alphabet Multiplication The theme around it is Anzac I had to use Algabra to figure out the Answers. For example Anzac, the number for Anzac is 1092.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

My holiday creations

This is the first holidays of the school year and I have been learning and creating some stuff. The first thing I did was try to make a tie dye T- shirt I brought my materials from the warehouse
Here are the steps
1 tie dye kit in any colour
1 white T shirt with or without writing on

  1. Fill your tie dye bottles with water until it reaches the line make sure to shake it well so that all of the powder is dissolved
  2. If you want a spiral effect like I tried to do then pinch the middle of your shirt and spin it in a spiral circle
  3. Then you need to wrap the rubber bands around it to make it secure and it depends how many bands you but on  because that will be the guide line to your dying ( make sure it looks something like a pizza)
  4. Grab your dye and dye one colour in one triangle and another in another triangle, Then turn your t- shirt around and dye the back of your shirt the same way
  5. Once you are done dying it then hang it up in a sunny place once it is dry rinse it in some water to rinse off the excess dye and drie again then you are done

The second creation I made was a knitted beanie I haven't finished it yet but I am nearly done. I am making a beanie with the Cra z Knit kit. This is the second time I've knitted something .The first time was when I was seven and I made a belt or scarf thing using french knitting.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

More gifs

Image result for Pt england studentsHere is another post of gifs I made this one is about apps and websites us kids at Pt england use , Please enjoy.

Click here Apps we use

My favourtie....

Here are some of the thing that I like and if you like any of them please leave a comment or tell me what you like.

Food: burgers and pizza

Color: blue,purple and green

Movie: earth to echo

Song: I don't have one

TV show: What now and Adventure time

animal: Elephant, Monkey,Turtle and Panda

sport: netball

subject: writing and reading

book: fantastic mr fox

school: Pt england school

My own Gif

I have made my own gif, in the post below I used ones from other people  and here here is mine I used sumo paint  and then I used a website called Make a gif here is the link

Click here to see mine

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Have you heard of Gifs there a moving photos and are sometime online humour and internment.Thumbnail  I hope you Enjoyed :)


Image result for Jesus Christ on the cross
Easter had just finished and it is time for people to go back to work. For Easter my family didn't do much me and my sister did heaps of chores and my mum and papa paid us and with our money my sister and I decided to go to sylvia park to spend it and at Martha's backyard (A american shop with american foods) We never have easter hunts or anything but I don't mind because Easter is the time to celebrate the time of Jesus Christ he died on the cross for us on good Friday but he rose and lived again on Easter Sunday. I hope everyone had a good easter

Problem solving

Here is my problem solving I have done I worked it out in my maths book and at the end you will see some questions I wrote for my friend and how she worked them out Enjoy.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

School holidays

Image result for Keep calm it's the holidays
It is finally the school holidays and I am so excited to relax and have some quality time with the T.V. Theres nothing planed for these holidays but near the end of the year holidays me and my sister might be flying over to Australia to see our dad in Brisbane. But lets get back to the present, now on these holidays It's Easter and these time hundreds of years ago Jesus Christ Sacrificed him self for others and on the 11th of April It will be my birthday yay!!! I will be turning 11 hooray!!! I can't wait. I hope that this holidays will bring everyone love and safety.