Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Anzac memorial

25th of April is a very special day for New zealand and Australia because that was the day of Anzac and on the 24th of April was Poppy day. Poppy day and Anzac day is the day that the Soldiers from both countries went and fought for their countries and families. Did you know that people from the islands went too?, over 500 soldiers from the cook islands went.

photo.JPGAnzac stands for Australia. New zealand. Army. Corps. Anzac started in 1914 and went on for five years, It finished in 1919.

Ways people celebrate are by having a moment of silent or  having a memorial and at our school we had a memorial. we had a block of grass with 15 white crosses standing tall with names of soldiers from our area on it. Behind it is a Big Poppy with a soldier holding his dead friend in front. A memorial is like commemorating.

From this I am appreciative of the soldiers that have fought for us and it would have been emotional for the soldiers and their families at the time.

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