Friday, 10 June 2016

20 hour famine

Right now I am taking part in the 20 hr famine. We are at school and have been put into team colours I am in green. We can only drink just juice,water and eat barley sugars to give us energy.

 So far we have just played karaoke,had a dance competition and played basketball and we have also been learning more about why we are fundraising. We are fundraising for the refugees in Syria who have left their homes that have been bomb and are looking for somewhere to live. It is hard for hem now with hardly any water or food and barely any shelter.
Team Green
Every one at 20 hour famine


  1. What an awesome cause to support Ariana!! I'm so glad you all get to experience this! Looks like so much fun - a late night you think? Have an enjoyable evening Ariana. See on Monday.

  2. Hi Ariana. Thank you for participating in this years 40 Hour Famine. Your contribution will certainly help. I really enjoyed watching the Green teams item. Well done you!