Saturday, 31 May 2014

Puppys and kittens (Part 3)

Rover and Lucy meet Diana the new Poodle and there about to smash all the fish bowls,dance with the turtles and kick box with the Lizards.


"Come on don't chicken out" says Diana. "Were not chickens" replied Lucy and Rover. Then they smashed all the fish bowls the big ones first and the small ones last, Then disco danced with the turtles and last but not least kicked box with the lizards. After all that they were so excited and wanted to do that again but their were no more fish or fish bowls, the turtles were too tired and the lizards were having there afternoon sleep.

So instead they got something to eat. when they were finished they didn't know what to do so they just sat on there beds thinking for something to do. When a thought struck them. they all stood up and Rover said how about we then Lucy said go out side and suddenly Diana said explore. So thats what they did they went out side of the pet shop and Lucy said were should we go first? Diana says I know the outside I can tell you were to go.  So then they went to........

stay tuned for part 4

Friday, 30 May 2014

Which is taller ?

Have you ever wounderd which object is taller than the other well i have I was thinking which object is taller the titanic, the sky tower or the fear fall. Here is a photo I drawed using data. If your going to draw thing even you need to use data. I found out that the fear fall is 54
meters old and the sky tower is 328 meters high and the titanic is 269  meters high.

Today in history

These are some info I found out about what happened today in history.

1. On this very day (May 30) in 1971 NASA's satiilati Mariner 9 orbit around mars. Mariner 9 returned 7329 photos over its misson.

2. Today in 1814 the first treatry was declared in Paris it ended the war between France and the sixth coalition, It also made peace between France, UK, Russia, Australia and Purrsia.

3.In 1539 a Spanish explorere Hernando de soto discoverd Florida

Today this is my 100th post so that will be part of history too don't you think?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The wicked old witch (chapter 1)

Their once lived a Wicked old witch. She would wear a long black hat, long black and red dress, she would always carry a broom stick with her and occasionally smelt like a wet dog. She works at Thompson Op Primary she was one of the cleaners. No one at the school new shes a witch not even Hillary Bell her great great great grandfather Andrew bell invented the phone or Simon Edison who's great great great great grandfather invited light. Their was one girl that knew that their was something fishes with the school cleaner the girl was named Crystal. The witch was named was Agatha.

One night Crystal had a bad dream were she was being chased by bees and the world was going to end. So she went for a walk just get some fresh air. While she was walking down her street she called smell chocolate chip cookies and a triple chocolate cake (chocolate was Crystals favourite food)  She thought to her self is this a dream because who would be baking at two o'clock in the morning. It was coming from a old hunted house, the house creaked and the wood was peeling. She mad  a brave diceson to go in side and have a look.....

Capter 2 coming soon

How the titanic floated and sunk

This my presintation I made about the titanics Volume, Density, displacment and it bulkhead. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Chaos on the Titanic

I woke from my dream where I was made of lollies,trees are candy floss and dogs are made of chocolate and wake to chaos where passengers are screaming,running around looking for help. I trie to stop people and ask them what’s happening but everyone ignores me. I see a member of a crew I run to him for help he says nothing and turns to go help someone else. Can people see me or am I invisible.  

I see my friend Marilyn and her six year old niece I rush to her for help Finally someone told me what was happening. She told me that the titanic was sinking and that we need to get on a life boat right away. Now I know am not invisible.
Marilyn, Sophie and I run as fast as we could to the pet room and grabbed my dog Coco. Coco had long brown fur and hazel eyes she was crying and barking to the top of her lungs. We rushed to the lifeboats and jumped in one we looked behind us to see Sophie she wasn’t their she was in the water frozen. Marilyn felt so sad that she fell in the water too and froze just like Sophie that was the last I ever saw of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Titanic info

This is some info I wanted to found out about the titanic enjoy.

  1. why did they build the Titanic
  2. why was it named the Titanic
  3. How long would it take for someone to die in the water
  4. How many lifeboats were their
5. Where were they going

Question 1 information
Back in the day their was a company that own two ships and one of the ships made a world record for being the fastest ship to sail from England to New york. So what the titanic wanted to do was to make a world record for being  the fastest ship to sail from England to New york not only that but to be the biggest and flashest ship.

Question 2 information:
They named the ship Titanic because it really was Titanic,Titanic is a adjective of Strength,size and power.

Question 3 information:
Some people in the titanic thought that it would be a good idea to jump in the water for survival but what they didn’t know was that the water was well below freezing, It only took 15 minutes for them to die of hypothermia.

Question 4 information:
There were 20 life boats that wasn’t a lot but it was more than the law required. It only saved half of the passengers boarding the titanic, They let most of the woman and children were on most of the lifeboats. Sadly the captain Edward J smith and most of the crew died.

Question 5 information:
The titanic was leaving Southampton,England to New york city. Sadly it didn’t make its way it stopped in the Atlantic ocean where they sank.Only the most rich and luxurious people were allowed on board.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Scribbles the paddle boat

Hi this is my paddle boat called Scribbles, my literacy group the kea were looking into paddle boats and how their made this my paddle boat hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

NZ menus and Malawi menus

 The extension group and I were learning about the diffrent foods that we have in New Zealand and in Malawi These are my dinner menus and lunch menus.  To see how Malawi people have to starve we wanted to have a 40 hour famine were we have to stop eating for 20 hours the only thing we could eat was just juice and barley sugar.

I have concluded that more people  in NZ have more variety in food then people in Malawi. Malawi people aren't eating enough meat and protein and if they don't have enough protein and food they could die. NZ menus have more drinks and most of the drinks are Fizzy. Malawian people have to grow or hunt for there food on the other hand most NZ people can by theirs from the shops. 




Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday highlight ( Out and About)

“Clang” went the coin as I pushed it throw the ticket machine to get my ticket for the train. Next it was my cousin Roimata then my sister Brooklyn After her it was my Auntie then my other cousin Te-Kerihi to get their ticket. Can we sit down asked Roimata Sure replied my Auntie.We were waiting for the train to come when we saw a train coming but sadly that wasn’t our train then another train yes it was ours. So we hopped in a carriage,a carriage is a room in the train there are lots of rooms. The one we hoped in had lots of people in it and most of them were on their phones. Me and my family hadn’t been in a train for a long time so it was really fun.

When the train stopped at Britomart we got off the train station looked so cool it had lots of lights and I said that it looked like it was off the harry potter movie Roimata agreed. Before we knew it we were standing on queen street. It was my Aunt's first time in ages and it was the first time for my cousins ever me and my sister had been their a couple of times. Shopping off we went we went to a lot of shops and I only brought one t-shirt from VG and Roimata brought around 4 t-shirts 2 pants and 2 jumpers,Te-kerihi 1 pair of shoes 1 dress and 1 t-shirt,my sister nothing and my Auntie nothing is well.We went into a couple of shops with mother stuff to buy for mothers  day we sadly couldn’t find anything but we brought them something a different day.

Finally it was time we got to go into The metro mall and it was called the Metro mall it was the best mall i have ever been to because it had a rocket elevator and lots of levels first we tried to find the cinemas when we found it we were trying to remember how we got their. Then we had lunch went to the food court and ate sushi after that me,Roimata and my sister went into the Arcade while Te-kerihi and my Aunt went back to shopping.In the arcade I one a little stuffed toy it was Smurffiet and I one a couple of lollies too.Then the movie was about o start so we went to go get the tickets and our food We went to go see the movie Divergent It was a cool movie me and Roimata wanted to see the lego movie but we didn’t mind that much. When the movie finished my mum was just in time to finish work because The movie finished the same time as her work when she picked us up she took us home.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First day back at school

It's the first day back at school and and this term our topic is I like to move it move it! Team one is learning about Zoo transport, team two is doing Flight, team three is looking into colours and light, then it comes to us and we are doing Flotation and buoyancy, last but not least team five there looking at sound. Every imersinassembelly all the teachers dress up and put on costumes to do with our topic but this morning Mr Burt our school principal dressed up too and some people said that he looked like a clown because he had a colourful Afro wig on, a funky t-shirt and a happy,excited and funny Attitude. So all together were learning about Scenic.

Team one is all the year ones they are doing Zoo transport so what they're really learning is to compare and contrast the zoo equipment to home materials. Their also looking at Animal saftey. Now for team two their learning all about flight,Pulleys and levers, about lift and flying up high in the sky.

It’s time for team three their learning about colours, light an how rainbows are created and formed, how their are small rainbows and big rainbows. For team four (my team) were learning about displacing water, Buoyancy, floating and sinking. For example the water in a cup is up to a Serton line and if yo put a little toy boat in it then the water will rise higher that's called displacing water and buoyancy. Their doing sound It’s team five,team five is looking into sound and music and that sort of stuff. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Last day of the holidays

Today is the last day of the holidays I am happy and sad I fell happy because I get to see my friends tomorrow and I really enjoy school but I am sad because the holidays are finished and I don't get to sleep in anymore. So for it  being the last day of the holidays my mum,sister,Nana and I went to Sylvia park and went shopping. In the holidays it was busy for me and my sister because on the first week of the holidays we went down to new Plymouth with my Nana on the  second week we went house sitting for my Auntie,uncle and my two cousins Ashley and Jamie their two very famous and brilliant BMX rides in new zealand. we house sited in the north shore for four days and then we came back to GI and a Surprise was waiting for us in the house and the surprise was our cousins and Auntie they came all the way from Whangarei. There was my cosine roimata shes a girls and shes ten years old,Te- kerehi/T.K she a girls and she is turning sixteen soon and my Auntie Maara she a girl and is well i don't know how old she is.

I hope that when I go to school tomorrow  all my friends will be there and that I finish all my work that needs to be finished. So excited!!!  

Puppys and kittens (Part2)

We learnt all about what happens in The SPCA and theirs a new poodle in the SPCA and no one has ever seen hear or heard of hear ever before.

Rover and Lucy wanted to meet This new poodle they also were wondering what her name was Rover said that she looked like a Sarah Lucy said she looked like a Kate. So they decided that they were going to talk to this new poodle. She had a British accent and slowly Diana, Diana is my name as she turned her head she new they were going to talk to her. They both said satanically "That's a pretty name".  Can you please tell us all about you and why your here cried Lucy.

Diana Gladly replied with a yes and started talking well it all started In London where the Big Ben is,where Queen Elizabeth II lives, Where. Yeah we get it sighed Rover. OK....Well I was just a little pup when my owners gave me up and took me back to the the pet shop because I might of bit there youngest kid Stan. I didn't like the Pet shop because the animals there would always call me names and say that I looked weird. So I.... ran away. I stated walking around then some one picked me up and took me here.

WOW thats rough well do you wanna go play asked Sarah yeah sure thing replied Diana. So wanna play with the squeaky toys or play chase the birds or my full time favourite who cut the cheese asked Rover. They all laughed. How about we smash all the fish bowls, dance with the turtels and kick box with the Lizards said Diana. Rover and Lucy mouths were wide open. Come on it will be fun said Diana. Ok then said Rover and Lucy and off they went.

Happy Mothers day

 Do you know what mothers day is? Well its a day we celebrate our mums are you wondering why we have this day for our mums well its to thank them for all the nice and caring thing they do for us.For my mum I'm going to give her a a present but I'm telling you what the present is because its just for my mum.The celebration of mother's day began in the United states in the early 20th century.Mothers day is on the second Sunday of march so be sure to say happy mothers day on the second Sunday of may.