Saturday, 31 May 2014

Puppys and kittens (Part 3)

Rover and Lucy meet Diana the new Poodle and there about to smash all the fish bowls,dance with the turtles and kick box with the Lizards.


"Come on don't chicken out" says Diana. "Were not chickens" replied Lucy and Rover. Then they smashed all the fish bowls the big ones first and the small ones last, Then disco danced with the turtles and last but not least kicked box with the lizards. After all that they were so excited and wanted to do that again but their were no more fish or fish bowls, the turtles were too tired and the lizards were having there afternoon sleep.

So instead they got something to eat. when they were finished they didn't know what to do so they just sat on there beds thinking for something to do. When a thought struck them. they all stood up and Rover said how about we then Lucy said go out side and suddenly Diana said explore. So thats what they did they went out side of the pet shop and Lucy said were should we go first? Diana says I know the outside I can tell you were to go.  So then they went to........

stay tuned for part 4

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