Thursday, 29 May 2014

The wicked old witch (chapter 1)

Their once lived a Wicked old witch. She would wear a long black hat, long black and red dress, she would always carry a broom stick with her and occasionally smelt like a wet dog. She works at Thompson Op Primary she was one of the cleaners. No one at the school new shes a witch not even Hillary Bell her great great great grandfather Andrew bell invented the phone or Simon Edison who's great great great great grandfather invited light. Their was one girl that knew that their was something fishes with the school cleaner the girl was named Crystal. The witch was named was Agatha.

One night Crystal had a bad dream were she was being chased by bees and the world was going to end. So she went for a walk just get some fresh air. While she was walking down her street she called smell chocolate chip cookies and a triple chocolate cake (chocolate was Crystals favourite food)  She thought to her self is this a dream because who would be baking at two o'clock in the morning. It was coming from a old hunted house, the house creaked and the wood was peeling. She mad  a brave diceson to go in side and have a look.....

Capter 2 coming soon

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