Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Titanic info

This is some info I wanted to found out about the titanic enjoy.

  1. why did they build the Titanic
  2. why was it named the Titanic
  3. How long would it take for someone to die in the water
  4. How many lifeboats were their
5. Where were they going

Question 1 information
Back in the day their was a company that own two ships and one of the ships made a world record for being the fastest ship to sail from England to New york. So what the titanic wanted to do was to make a world record for being  the fastest ship to sail from England to New york not only that but to be the biggest and flashest ship.

Question 2 information:
They named the ship Titanic because it really was Titanic,Titanic is a adjective of Strength,size and power.

Question 3 information:
Some people in the titanic thought that it would be a good idea to jump in the water for survival but what they didn’t know was that the water was well below freezing, It only took 15 minutes for them to die of hypothermia.

Question 4 information:
There were 20 life boats that wasn’t a lot but it was more than the law required. It only saved half of the passengers boarding the titanic, They let most of the woman and children were on most of the lifeboats. Sadly the captain Edward J smith and most of the crew died.

Question 5 information:
The titanic was leaving Southampton,England to New york city. Sadly it didn’t make its way it stopped in the Atlantic ocean where they sank.Only the most rich and luxurious people were allowed on board.

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