Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First day back at school

It's the first day back at school and and this term our topic is I like to move it move it! Team one is learning about Zoo transport, team two is doing Flight, team three is looking into colours and light, then it comes to us and we are doing Flotation and buoyancy, last but not least team five there looking at sound. Every imersinassembelly all the teachers dress up and put on costumes to do with our topic but this morning Mr Burt our school principal dressed up too and some people said that he looked like a clown because he had a colourful Afro wig on, a funky t-shirt and a happy,excited and funny Attitude. So all together were learning about Scenic.

Team one is all the year ones they are doing Zoo transport so what they're really learning is to compare and contrast the zoo equipment to home materials. Their also looking at Animal saftey. Now for team two their learning all about flight,Pulleys and levers, about lift and flying up high in the sky.

It’s time for team three their learning about colours, light an how rainbows are created and formed, how their are small rainbows and big rainbows. For team four (my team) were learning about displacing water, Buoyancy, floating and sinking. For example the water in a cup is up to a Serton line and if yo put a little toy boat in it then the water will rise higher that's called displacing water and buoyancy. Their doing sound It’s team five,team five is looking into sound and music and that sort of stuff. 

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