Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday highlight ( Out and About)

“Clang” went the coin as I pushed it throw the ticket machine to get my ticket for the train. Next it was my cousin Roimata then my sister Brooklyn After her it was my Auntie then my other cousin Te-Kerihi to get their ticket. Can we sit down asked Roimata Sure replied my Auntie.We were waiting for the train to come when we saw a train coming but sadly that wasn’t our train then another train yes it was ours. So we hopped in a carriage,a carriage is a room in the train there are lots of rooms. The one we hoped in had lots of people in it and most of them were on their phones. Me and my family hadn’t been in a train for a long time so it was really fun.

When the train stopped at Britomart we got off the train station looked so cool it had lots of lights and I said that it looked like it was off the harry potter movie Roimata agreed. Before we knew it we were standing on queen street. It was my Aunt's first time in ages and it was the first time for my cousins ever me and my sister had been their a couple of times. Shopping off we went we went to a lot of shops and I only brought one t-shirt from VG and Roimata brought around 4 t-shirts 2 pants and 2 jumpers,Te-kerihi 1 pair of shoes 1 dress and 1 t-shirt,my sister nothing and my Auntie nothing is well.We went into a couple of shops with mother stuff to buy for mothers  day we sadly couldn’t find anything but we brought them something a different day.

Finally it was time we got to go into The metro mall and it was called the Metro mall it was the best mall i have ever been to because it had a rocket elevator and lots of levels first we tried to find the cinemas when we found it we were trying to remember how we got their. Then we had lunch went to the food court and ate sushi after that me,Roimata and my sister went into the Arcade while Te-kerihi and my Aunt went back to shopping.In the arcade I one a little stuffed toy it was Smurffiet and I one a couple of lollies too.Then the movie was about o start so we went to go get the tickets and our food We went to go see the movie Divergent It was a cool movie me and Roimata wanted to see the lego movie but we didn’t mind that much. When the movie finished my mum was just in time to finish work because The movie finished the same time as her work when she picked us up she took us home.

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