Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Three litlle foxes

Far far away in a little cottage lived three little foxes their names were Ronald,Leah and Alpine they are very in the most quickest way sneaky, cheeky and are always getting in trouble.Their mother was so sad one day because her baby’s were leaving to find their own house’s so there mother gave them all some money to find some stuff for their house.So they set off to find some equipment and food they stop at meter ten Mega and got some wood,stone and sand for their house’s.They went to paken’save for their food they got some chips,chocolate,fizzy drinks and cakes.Then they found a perfect spot and started to build their houses.

With buckets full sweet they put the last finishing touches on their houses then they got out chairs and a umbrella sat back and relaxed while they sang a song that goes a bit like this.We love our houses it is the best we love our food it is so yummy.The moon awoke so they made dinner they had their favourite meal Human and went to bed. They snored and snored they even woke up the whole neighbourhood.

The sun rose above the tree top and the birds were singing as the big bad Man of fire went over to the sand house(Alpines) and Asked if this was one of the little foxes and Alpine replied with a roar and sad yes who are you. The Man of fire answered with a flame of fire and said let me in let me in. Alpine shouted not by the hair of my pale tail.

The Man of fire said or I will burn and shutter your house into pieces so he did.The rest of the wolves saw and were frightened they were shocked and died straight away.There mother was so so sad they had a funeral and had a big feast and ever since then everyone forgot about the three little foxes.And they all lived Happily ever after.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The hare and tortise review

Title:The Hare and the tortoise

Author: Aesop

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):The Tortoise is really slow and calm and the hare is really speedy and fast and likes to win and run races

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail):In the forest by a farm

What was the problem? the hare thought he was the fastest and he thought the tortoise was the slowest thing alive

What was the solution? they had a race to see who's the fastest

What was the Moral of the Story?calm and steady wins the race

My favourite part of the story was? when the tortoise won

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Holiday

I woke up ready to start the holidays, I was going to my nana’s house she lives all the way in pukekohe bombay. She picked us up and  took me and my sister to see the slava snow show in vector arena. It was all about a clown and going through his life there were some green clowns as well it was all rasine I didn’t really get it but I liked the music. The ending was the best they chucked bins of snow at everyone and blew big balls at everyone the smallest were the size of four heads and the biggest was the size of a room and they through cobwebs all over us and when that was finished.

We went to my dads flat in Mt Eden to have lunch. They were having samosas so we joined them and had some. After that we went to my nana’s in pukekohe when we got there we did a puzzle that was there from last time we were there which was last school holidays. It has 1,000 pieces. We started the outside edges then the faces. It was a celebrate puzzle.

We didn’t finish it we kept coming back to it. Then we had dinner we had something I've forgotten what it is so we had something and had a shower brushed our teeth, watched Pirates of the caribbean and went to be bed.We woke up the next morning tried  so I got up out of bed washed my face and I was all better again. I went into the kitchen and saw my nana making breakfast, shes an early bird like my mum I got out the silverware  and had breakfast we had weetbix.

After that me and my sister took off our shoes like slippers and took off our warm,comfortable and relaxing onesies and were left to cold t-shirts and jeans Brrrrrr I said to my sister Brooklyn are you cold she said yes Its the country were in a wide and big house what did you think?

I didn’t really think about that. Isn’t it a beautiful day the birds are singing the sun is shining said my nana it’s always sunny at her place I wish I could live there their stuff look so nice. Anyway you don’t wanna listen to my dream house so when that all happened we painted a picture I painted a princess with her pony and castle. 

My sister did an old ancient painting with two ladies and it was soo pretty. We did that for the day as well as the puzzle.Unfortunately we didn’t finish the puzzle yet but we're still working on it.   

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My way of the Hare and the Tortise

Hello I am Slow Joe I have a shell on my back, four short legs, my head looks like Brussels sprouts, and people say I look like a rock. I’m actually a tortoise we tortoise love! to hibernate and love! to chew on grass. Races are the worst thing that I’m good at because I’m really really slow that's why they call me slow Joe.

Do you know the Hare in next door he says I’m the slowest thing on earth. He calls himself Speedy Bob he has long long legs and he can really go. Everybody thinks that every race he enters he comes in first place and gets gold well that's what he says. What they don’t know is on the 11th of April 2004 he only won a silver and do you know who came first? Well, it was me Slow Joe.

One day I was just nodding my cabbage like head watching that hare jumping around.When Speedy Bob bounced up to me and said come on you lazy old thing is that all the exercise you take. Just nodding on all day? I’m surprised you don’t nod off to sleep said the hare surprisingly.Slow Joe didn’t answer he was too busy munching away very very slowly.

Out of the blues jumped out a big bear named Grizzly stuffing his face with fish his favourite he said don’t you know tortoises hibernates.Hiber what said Speedy Bob Hibernates repeated the bear when they sleep for the whole winter.Sleeps for the whole winter! You can barely tell he's alive said Speedy Bob.But Grizzly a big know it all said Joe can live over 100 years.

100 years but I've got to run jump and win races.If you've got speed then you really know your alive said Speedy Bob.Grizzly said fine that's that a race not a quick dash of cores he’s hardly a sprinter to the top of the mountain and back.So they got ready there friends lined up and started to cheer.On your make get set and go shouted Grizzly every one shouted go Speedy go.

Speedy was half way through the race he saw Joe was still at the start line so he lied under a tree and took a nap.1.00 later the tortoise was already near the finish line so Speedy got up ran as fast as he could.It all ended too soon Slow Joe had already past the finish line. Everybody froze with shock Speedy was so disappointed he never ran since.