Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Holiday

I woke up ready to start the holidays, I was going to my nana’s house she lives all the way in pukekohe bombay. She picked us up and  took me and my sister to see the slava snow show in vector arena. It was all about a clown and going through his life there were some green clowns as well it was all rasine I didn’t really get it but I liked the music. The ending was the best they chucked bins of snow at everyone and blew big balls at everyone the smallest were the size of four heads and the biggest was the size of a room and they through cobwebs all over us and when that was finished.

We went to my dads flat in Mt Eden to have lunch. They were having samosas so we joined them and had some. After that we went to my nana’s in pukekohe when we got there we did a puzzle that was there from last time we were there which was last school holidays. It has 1,000 pieces. We started the outside edges then the faces. It was a celebrate puzzle.

We didn’t finish it we kept coming back to it. Then we had dinner we had something I've forgotten what it is so we had something and had a shower brushed our teeth, watched Pirates of the caribbean and went to be bed.We woke up the next morning tried  so I got up out of bed washed my face and I was all better again. I went into the kitchen and saw my nana making breakfast, shes an early bird like my mum I got out the silverware  and had breakfast we had weetbix.

After that me and my sister took off our shoes like slippers and took off our warm,comfortable and relaxing onesies and were left to cold t-shirts and jeans Brrrrrr I said to my sister Brooklyn are you cold she said yes Its the country were in a wide and big house what did you think?

I didn’t really think about that. Isn’t it a beautiful day the birds are singing the sun is shining said my nana it’s always sunny at her place I wish I could live there their stuff look so nice. Anyway you don’t wanna listen to my dream house so when that all happened we painted a picture I painted a princess with her pony and castle. 

My sister did an old ancient painting with two ladies and it was soo pretty. We did that for the day as well as the puzzle.Unfortunately we didn’t finish the puzzle yet but we're still working on it.   

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