Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Three litlle foxes

Far far away in a little cottage lived three little foxes their names were Ronald,Leah and Alpine they are very in the most quickest way sneaky, cheeky and are always getting in trouble.Their mother was so sad one day because her baby’s were leaving to find their own house’s so there mother gave them all some money to find some stuff for their house.So they set off to find some equipment and food they stop at meter ten Mega and got some wood,stone and sand for their house’s.They went to paken’save for their food they got some chips,chocolate,fizzy drinks and cakes.Then they found a perfect spot and started to build their houses.

With buckets full sweet they put the last finishing touches on their houses then they got out chairs and a umbrella sat back and relaxed while they sang a song that goes a bit like this.We love our houses it is the best we love our food it is so yummy.The moon awoke so they made dinner they had their favourite meal Human and went to bed. They snored and snored they even woke up the whole neighbourhood.

The sun rose above the tree top and the birds were singing as the big bad Man of fire went over to the sand house(Alpines) and Asked if this was one of the little foxes and Alpine replied with a roar and sad yes who are you. The Man of fire answered with a flame of fire and said let me in let me in. Alpine shouted not by the hair of my pale tail.

The Man of fire said or I will burn and shutter your house into pieces so he did.The rest of the wolves saw and were frightened they were shocked and died straight away.There mother was so so sad they had a funeral and had a big feast and ever since then everyone forgot about the three little foxes.And they all lived Happily ever after.


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