Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Year five and six camp

All of the year fives and sixes had our year five and six camp on our school field we did lots of activities like top town,kayaking and cooking. Did you know that we slept in tents on the hard and uncomfortable ground? We stayed their for two nights and three days .The name of my camp group was caretakers and we came 1st place out of all of the other teams.

On the first day it was a butterfly sunshiney day and the first activity our team did was cooking the girls baked cheese scones and the boys made corn fritters and smores. Mrs Garman helped the girls with the cheese scones we also had recipes the boys had  whah Sapphire to help them with their corn fritters and s'mores. We made them for our morning tea.

Then we did top town it is a game where you have to concentrate and keep calm.If you get frustrated or annoyed you called ruin the game for your team. Top town is where both teams are standing on a mate facing diagonal to each other. You have to keep all feet on the mat if they touch the ground then you will fallin the lake with screaming eels.Then when Mr Jacobsen blows the whistle you quickly get the three boards on the ground and try to get everybody  you might think thats really easy but you have to   go all the way to the other side.When your their (battle station) you have to throw water balloons at  the other team the team that got wet the most loses. After that you have to walk on planks to the blue tunnel then crawl under the blue tunnel. When you have gone through the tunnel you have to sling shot five tennis balls on to the tarpaulin mat.the last activity is to throw the gumboots on to the tapolin mat again.When you have done that you do it all again but at the end you put your flag up. Sadly My team the caretakers lost against the Carebears.

My birthday

Its my birthday well It was on the 11th of April I turned ten now I have double digits. For my birthday my freinds Brooklyn and Lucy sleeped over at my house the next day on saturday we went to rainbows end it was Lucys first time going on a ride a rainbows end. Guess what I went on the fear fall three times that would be my fav ride my second would be the power surge and my third would be the Envader.My birthday cake was just like a big cupcake it was purple and it had a big bow on the top of it and the flavour was chocolate and banana It was delicous. So I would just like to say a big happy birthday to me.

Monday, 14 April 2014


Do you know what fiafia is? Well its like a mini Pasifika festival were you get to see different Performances and were you get to eat food from the food stalls. I was in the Hawaiian group we did three dances the first one was on our knees, the second was on our feet and the third w

as with sticks. We were the seventh group to performe. My best friend Brooklyn was in "Precisely That" there one is all about prices and being on time.

Just before Fia fia started my family had dinner we had dinner at the foodstall and my mum brought me a toffe apple. I started playing with my friend Marilyn her mum had a food stall her mum was selling lollies and easter egg. I saw my friend Saria she lives in australia and finally my friend Brooklyn came she was just on time because Saria was looking for her.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My mini review of my book!

I have been reading a book called The brain sucker it's written by Glenn Wood. Already I've read two chapters and it's excellent. Its about about a boy named Callum McCullock. He is paralysed and its his birthday. He is turning 13 years old and for his birthday present he got a brand new jet black thunderkit X5 All-Terin wheelchair. 

I would recommend this book to people over the age of 9. You will love the way Glenn describes the setting and characters!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Puppys and kittens (part 1)

Once upon a time their lived a Puppy named Rover and

his best friend Lucy which surprisingly was a cat. They both live in a SPCA they would always play and laugh with each other. When ever the SPCA closed they would break out and let the other animals free to so they can all have fun for a super fun event every Friday night they would all have a disco and they have their own band too called the party animals. When ever some one is hurt or in trouble the wonder pets come and save the day. 

Their was a new member to the SPCA she is a poodle she has white fur and her teeth are white like a diamond. No one had ever seen her before no even knew her name.