Monday, 14 April 2014


Do you know what fiafia is? Well its like a mini Pasifika festival were you get to see different Performances and were you get to eat food from the food stalls. I was in the Hawaiian group we did three dances the first one was on our knees, the second was on our feet and the third w

as with sticks. We were the seventh group to performe. My best friend Brooklyn was in "Precisely That" there one is all about prices and being on time.

Just before Fia fia started my family had dinner we had dinner at the foodstall and my mum brought me a toffe apple. I started playing with my friend Marilyn her mum had a food stall her mum was selling lollies and easter egg. I saw my friend Saria she lives in australia and finally my friend Brooklyn came she was just on time because Saria was looking for her.

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