Sunday, 4 May 2014

Puppys and kittens (Part2)

We learnt all about what happens in The SPCA and theirs a new poodle in the SPCA and no one has ever seen hear or heard of hear ever before.

Rover and Lucy wanted to meet This new poodle they also were wondering what her name was Rover said that she looked like a Sarah Lucy said she looked like a Kate. So they decided that they were going to talk to this new poodle. She had a British accent and slowly Diana, Diana is my name as she turned her head she new they were going to talk to her. They both said satanically "That's a pretty name".  Can you please tell us all about you and why your here cried Lucy.

Diana Gladly replied with a yes and started talking well it all started In London where the Big Ben is,where Queen Elizabeth II lives, Where. Yeah we get it sighed Rover. OK....Well I was just a little pup when my owners gave me up and took me back to the the pet shop because I might of bit there youngest kid Stan. I didn't like the Pet shop because the animals there would always call me names and say that I looked weird. So I.... ran away. I stated walking around then some one picked me up and took me here.

WOW thats rough well do you wanna go play asked Sarah yeah sure thing replied Diana. So wanna play with the squeaky toys or play chase the birds or my full time favourite who cut the cheese asked Rover. They all laughed. How about we smash all the fish bowls, dance with the turtels and kick box with the Lizards said Diana. Rover and Lucy mouths were wide open. Come on it will be fun said Diana. Ok then said Rover and Lucy and off they went.

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