Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not tell Mystics vs Magics

Here I have just started my writing on what me and my Netball team did on Monday I tried show you how it was and not just telling you.

It was Monday evening the cold wind rustled in the trees it was time. My netball team and I walked into the building our giggles and laughter filled the Arena. We were all filled with excitement . We found our seats and sat down. The building was scattered with blue seats and in the middle a little netball court where the Mystics would vs the Magic's.

The Game had started. Cheers and Chants came from all over the Building. Our Anxiety rose. Arms were being darted in the air as the first team had scored.

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  1. Kiaorana Ariana. You have made a good attempt at 'showing' rather than 'telling' the story. I'd love to re-visit this post to see what the next 2 paragraphs will contain.