Sunday, 19 April 2015

My holiday creations

This is the first holidays of the school year and I have been learning and creating some stuff. The first thing I did was try to make a tie dye T- shirt I brought my materials from the warehouse
Here are the steps
1 tie dye kit in any colour
1 white T shirt with or without writing on

  1. Fill your tie dye bottles with water until it reaches the line make sure to shake it well so that all of the powder is dissolved
  2. If you want a spiral effect like I tried to do then pinch the middle of your shirt and spin it in a spiral circle
  3. Then you need to wrap the rubber bands around it to make it secure and it depends how many bands you but on  because that will be the guide line to your dying ( make sure it looks something like a pizza)
  4. Grab your dye and dye one colour in one triangle and another in another triangle, Then turn your t- shirt around and dye the back of your shirt the same way
  5. Once you are done dying it then hang it up in a sunny place once it is dry rinse it in some water to rinse off the excess dye and drie again then you are done

The second creation I made was a knitted beanie I haven't finished it yet but I am nearly done. I am making a beanie with the Cra z Knit kit. This is the second time I've knitted something .The first time was when I was seven and I made a belt or scarf thing using french knitting.

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