Monday, 14 March 2016

Short film Show not Tell

In a forest far far away a lost Unicorn grazed through the tough muddy grass in search for a new rider. When he noticed a child playing and giggling with the forest animals. He took notice that that child was the Princess, daughter of King George and Queen Mary.

He took this as a perfect opportunity to see if she was worthy to be his next rider. So he let out a majestic chant to see if she could do any better but when it was her turn she scritched and squealed as if it was a cry for help it was so bad that the forest animals hid back into the trees and run away because they couldn’t bare to listen to her deafening sound anymore Jeffrey even vomited ranbowies. Jeffrey the unicorn took pity on little princess Leah and sighed as if she wasn’t worthy enough and turned his back on her and walked away

Before he left, Leah was so eager to impress him so she dressed up, bought out some extras to improve her performance and said WAIT! And step on a pedal which raised her up onto a little stage and sang her song again which went
The music was so loud that stones on the ground started to vibrate and the trees shook her song was so bad that he started to to cry rainbows this time. That’s when Jeffrey had enough and Stomped his hoof so hard that she felled down and her large speakers broke.

Leah started to sob and Jeffrey then felt sorry for her and so he decided to take her for a ride to candyland to make her feel happy.

The End

Here is the link to the video I watched I changed up the story a little bit too

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  1. Thanks for the smile Ariana. I did enjoy reading your post and it made me want to watch the video. Great to see your learning progressing again this year.

    Mrs Burt