Tuesday, 29 March 2016

FIO Fraction follow ups

Last week I finished all my maths work so here is my extra work that I did I learned about turning fractions into decimals maybe you could try make up some of your own questions to answer.


1 A Green B Black C it’s not even 2 A 7/10 B 1/10 3 I think she should take D because she gets to take 12. With the others she can only take 10 or 9 so this would be the best option.

1 it is 0.5
2 I got 0.75
3 a)  1/10 b) 1/4 c) 4/5 d) 1/3 e) 3/2 f) 5/8 g)  2/3 h) 7/4  I) 3/7  J) 1/6

4  a ) their all whole numbers which b) means their are no decimals or remainders

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