Monday, 28 March 2016

The Friendly Eel

Once upon a time Mary-Ann and her brother Martin went to a little island named Mitiaro for a holiday and while they were over there they made friends with some of the locals. Mary heard that her friends and the rest of the village children were all gonna meet up and hang out at one of the island’s Cave pool’s named Vai Nauri. Mary wanted to go so she told her brother and he thought it sounded cool.So without their parents permission they sneaked off to go swimming with the local children.

This is Vai Nauri
 When they reached Vai Nauri they saw the local children and ran to them. But before anyone went swimming one of the locals said a prayer to bless the water and to make sure that they were all safe and when the last word was said which was “Amen” all the kids jumped into the water and some  even climbed up onto a cliff to jump off. Mary talked and swam with her friends while Martin had bombing competitions and went diving under the water to find rocks.

This is the island Mitiaro
  After awhile a lot of the kids had already gone home. Mary thought that it was time to go home too so she told her little brother Martin that they were going home because she knew that her parents would be worried. So off they went walking home but the thing was that they didn't know where they wore going until they had reached Te Roto Nui (The Big lake), home of the Eel’s.

On the ground near Mary’s foot slithered up a Eel, Mary screamed at the sight of this Eel but then remembered that the Eel’s on this island can talk so she asked the Eel “Hey do you know how we can get home?” The Eel replied “ Of Course just follow me” .  So Mary and her brother went into the water and held onto the Eel’s tail and off they went. The Eel swam them home just in time before their parents come back from feeding the pigs.

Mary and her brother got so worried their hearts were racing when their parents asked them what they had did that day . Mary-Ann said “just playing outside” But Martin and her both knew that was a lie. So the next day they told their parents what they actually did, the parents weren't happy that they lied and didn't ask for permission but they were happy that they were home safe and next time ask their parents first.

Mary-Anne and Martin left Mitiaro and will always remember the fun they had at Vai Nauri and the friendly Eel that helped them home.

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