Monday, 7 July 2014

Puppy's and Kittens (Part 4) The end


Lucy, Rover and Diana have just finished their lunch . Their gone out side of the pet shop and don't know were to go first so Diana said I will show you since I have been outside a lot of my life.


Diana said lets go to the mall. Lucy and Diana were so excited but Rover wasn't he just tagged along anyway. First they went to the French Pineapple store were all the expensive dresses were. Then Jasmine were all the expensive Perfumes were. last but not least M&V were all the expensive shoes and Jeweller were. Rover brought nothing until they come across Animal food store and he saw the most juicy and most tender piece of steak that he had ever seen. He run strait to it and brought it right away. Know that all of them brought something they headed back to the Pet store.

It was Friday so their was a disco going on ( you would know this is you read part1) . The band was playing loud enough that The three best friends Lucy, Rover and Diana could sneak in with out any one noticing. They part all night and at six am in the morning they snack back in to their cages so that the shop keepers and costumes wouldn't notice. They did this every friday and lived happily ever After.

                                                               The End

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