Monday, 7 July 2014


It is officially the holidays, I am excited and sad because I really enjoy school. I really like these holidays because their is no more work and because my family and I are heading down to Christchurch. Were going to visit my uncle who lives in Australia he came down for his work and I hear they only let the best come to New Zealand. While were down  their were going to have a look at some of the famous Attractions and much more. I hope we get to see some of the building that fell down .How are we going to get their you might ask? Well we will be travelling in a aeroplane. It will be freezing down their so I have to pack lots of warm clothes. Did you know that in the south island it can go down to -2? Brrrr that will be so cold. I'm getting chills just thinking about. The down side is that my sister has just got a cold and if she still has it when we go down to the south island she could get worse. If she is still sick one the day we  leave to Christchurch then we might not be going. The upside is that I have just got read of my flu and I will be fine to go down to the south island.

                                             I HOPE WE GET TO GO

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