Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Storyline's festival

Lately I have gone to the story line festival with the extension group. You will properly think that it has to do with stories and books you are right, while we were there we saw four amazing NZ authors. First was Catherine mayo then Julliette MacIver after her was Jill macgregor and last but not least was Paula green. Where did we go you ask well we went to the Auckland Vodafone event centre. 

The stand outs for me was Juliet because she was funny,weird and quirky. The type of books she writes are children's she told us that she loved mixing words together. She has written a three book series called Marmaduke duck.

Another stand out was Paula green I liked her because she does some really good books. She loves to rhyme. She told us that when she was little she loved Dr sues books. 

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